Wednesday, February 28


We returned from Jake's funeral on Monday. Both Doug and I were able to drop work and school fairly easily and head out to NJ for a few days. It was so good to be with Jenn and Travis, and it was an extra bonus to see my parents and all my sisters again. We got through the weekend the Dunlop way—a lot of laughter and a lot of crying. The funeral services were just beautiful, and I would guess at least 150 people came. I think that's pretty impressive for a guy that was only around for 6 months, especially since only a fraction of us there had been able to meet him. The funeral was truly a celebration of his short little life. Most of his nurses from the Children's Hospital came and it meant a lot to us to be able to thank them for helping Jake day after day. He was buried at a very historic cemetery in Princeton (right by the University—President Grover Cleveland is buried there too… fancy) and it's a great spot to go and remember Jake.
Jenn and Travis are rocks. Seriously. They were really open and they encouraged us to ask questions if we wanted to about his last day and anything else that happened. Apparently Jake's autopsy revealed that his heart was so damaged from birth that excessive stress would have take him eventually. The doctors literally did everything they could. Jenn and Trav both spoke at the funeral and I was in awe of their strength. They are way sick of hearing that, but this is my blog and I can say what I want.
Lexi is hanging in there too. As the casket passed by her at the funeral, she asked, "Is that my baby in there?" (That kills me.) They say she's mourning the way a typical 4 year old would, keeping really busy and periodically getting really sad. She sang, "I am a Child of God" at the funeral with one of Jenn's friends, and she just couldn't be any cuter. We sure do love the Meyerson fam. It's amazing how much we still miss Jake, but the trip sure gave me a lot of closure.

Saturday, February 17

Baby Jake

Jacob Travis Meyerson
August 21, 2006 to February 16, 2007

Our nephew Jake passed away yesterday evening. After his surgery on Thursday, his little heart just gave out. He was such an example of strength to us--he endured more than any little guy should have to. We're grateful for the gospel that teaches us that even though he's gone, our family can still be together forever. Please pray for Jenn and Trav--I know they'll need the Lord's help getting through this.

Monday, February 12


This week heralds Valentine's Day 2007, and we're quite excited. Doug has class that night (and the professor didn't cancel it... communist), but he plans to do what any good student would do--not go. And as a college graduate and former class skipper (just from time to time... don't worry mom and dad!), I totally support that.

In all honesty, we've mostly celebrated it already. We did an early dinner last Saturday at the Olive Garden because restaurants are impossible to get into on Valentine's Day. We had a gift certificate for there that we received as a wedding gift, so we ordered fancy drinks instead of water and really spiced up our lives.

We also decided to nix the gifts this year and instead buy each other a kitchen table! We were tired of sitting on our couch side by side for meals. It just doesn't cater bonding and it does nothing good for your carpet. We shopped and shopped and fell in love with a table that was on sale at Shopko. However, after some measurements and calculations, we sadly realized the seemingly small table would completely take up our kitchen dining area. If we didn't want chairs or a trash can or a way to open the back door, maybe it would have worked. So we caved into the realization that we have a small table space and we may not want to invest in a real table until we have a bigger place. So we went out and purchased a card table set. From WalMart. With folding chairs. Not a very charming Valentine's gift, but we love it all the same.

In other news, I'm still getting used to a new hair cut (I have like three ways of doing it: trying to make in into a bob which it hates, curling it, or putting it into a pony tail) and the weather has been so so strange--lots of snow and then really mild. We went up to Bridal Veil Falls last week to check out the frozen waterfall. UT may have bizarre weather and bad drivers, but it sure can be gorgeous.

Well, I hope you all have a great day o' love! May your week be full of chocolates, flowers, and tiny Valentine's with super heroes and cartoon characters on them.