Thursday, April 26


Today I felt like I was faking adulthood. My boss sent me up to Salt Lake today for a luncheon. It was a presentation put on by the company that distributes our press releases. And since I'm the new press release writing chick (I've been writing them for months, but now it's actually in my job description), he had me go up to be wined, dined, and educated.

However, I felt really dumb because I was going alone and I knew nothing about this company because I have yet to work with them. I had the feeling of, "Wait... shouldn't you be sending someone responsible? Like a grown-up?" But it involved leaving the office mid-day, so really I couldn't help but go. The original invite said there'd be "networking and lunch" from 11:30 to noon and then the presentation afterwards, and since I have nary a business card and zero desire to network, I strategically arrived closer to noon so I could grab something to eat and then watch the presentation. After signing in, having the dude ask for my business card, telling him I don't have one, feeling ill-prepared, and then walking into the room, I saw that I'd been tricked. We were seated in tables of seven or eight and everyone was chitchatting, AND lunch hadn't even been served yet. Son of a gun!

So I picked a seat next to a lady that seemed pleasant, and looked around at my contemporaries. I was clearly the youngest person there by, oh, a good solid decade. They were all very nice and introduced themselves. They were from companies like Franklin Covey and KX9ZXODECO Biologies (a/k/a some scientific company I couldn't pronounce), powerful companies in the free world. Or at least in Utah. The name of our craft company didn't carry the same umph in my introduction. One of the women asked me about what I do in Communications, and I answered something hopefully accurate while really in my head I was thinking "Uh...". Then later one lady said, "I have to tell you--you remind me so much of my niece!" It came out shortly after that her niece is 14. Awesome.

When lunch was finally served at the buffet, I got chatting with a girl that I finally felt like was more my age bracket. She was really friendly and had some good ideas for freelancing. Nice gal. Then it came out that she had three kids and I started to realize she actually looked like she was in her 30s or so. Huh.

Back at the table, I think I finally started to hold my own talking about our company and actually knowing what I was saying. Then I tried to stab a cherry tomato with my fork and it went soaring into my lap. After that, I decided to just shut up and eat.

The presentation was interesting and I learned a lot. I followed all of it, helping me feel more confident that I may actual deserve to be in the position I'm in. I had some good ideas for our company, and I was glad I went. But I couldn't help but feel like a fake adult. Now that I'm 25, I feel like 25 isn't true adulthood. Because SURELY I would feel like, "Oh, okay. I feel like an adult. Got it." But I just don't! Here I am married, working in corporate America, paying bills, managing our family's finances, and getting paychecks... but I just feel like I'm faking adulthood. Making it up as I go along. Crazy how that is.

Huh, but as I'm typing this at the public library (yes, I'm at the public library right now...I don't want to talk about it), two teenage boys across from me are periodically making cat sounds and beating the table like it's a drum and laughing like it's the funniest thing they've ever done. They seem extremely immature and they're really annoying me, to tell you the truth. Perhaps I'm not so young after all.

Monday, April 23

Doug's 10 things: Formerly Known as the "10 things I love about me"

A while ago my beloved bespoused wrote a list of ONE HUNDRED things about herself. This being your first time to have the pleasure of my verbal acquaintance I shall shorten the list to ten. And thus the things I love about me are ten-fold. (I try to take every opportunity that I possibly can to use #-fold)(And these are not really things I love about myself, I just thought that it was a catchy title [marketing])

1. I know surprisingly little about women (but am learning quickly)
2. I just recently got turned down to cut hair at the MTC because I am not certified (but, darn it, I could do great things there)
3. I can no longer look at my hands, feet, legs, etc. without trying to picture what the muscle/bone/nerve/blood vessel complex looks like under there (thanks Anatomy 400).
4. I won a beauty pageant (mock) during my senior year of high school.
5. I have no problem sticking my fingers in people's mouths, and will be doing that for the rest of my life.
6. I teach SSL, or spanish as a second language, to young, impressionable adults at the commencement of the greatest journey of their lives.
7. I have the world's greatest family, and surprisingly also married into the world's greatest in-laws.
8. I have little other vocabulary than that which has already been stated in Hollywood.
9. I knew that someday I would grow up to play football for the 49ers, but at 5'7", 150 lbs. I realized that I never grew "up".
10. Everytime I do something that I know I am supposed to I feel happy to be alive, although this is true for everyone.

Saturday, April 21

team awesome

Due to genetic tendencies and a lack of children and/or pets in my life, I've been really looking forward to putting some potted flowers on our porches. Doug scored some husband points the other night when I came home from work to find a complete flower potting set on our kitchen floor--yes!! He had a chick at the flower place walk him through everything, so we had the perfect elements to create our new group of flowers--Team Awesome. (The name comes from years of picking team names and realizing that you can really trump other lame team names by just calling yourself "Team Awesome." Other similar favorites include "Team Better" and "Team Fire.")
Since it's still a bit chilly around here, Team Awesome has been bunking indoors. But it ventures out during the day, unless I get paranoid and make Doug roll his eyes when I insist the team needs to stay indoors. And we've also been slowly introducing the team to Re-incarnacion. We hope it's a success. We also hope Re-incarnacion learns a thing or two from the team and stops dying. She's decided to start doing that lately.

Doug has been taking finals and I have not (thank goodness). He has three down and two to go. This semester was one of his favorites, so he's really been pleased (except for his evil Sports Nutrition class, which we have previously mentioned is most definitely of the devil). This Spring and Summer he's switching jobs at the MTC--instead of teaching in the classroom with missionaries, he'll be working in the Teaching Evaluation Center (TEC... everything in the MTC has to be shortened like that). Here he'll have missionaries sign up to come and teach him and practice as if her were an investigator. He's bummed to leave the classroom, but he's happy to try something new. And he's happy he'll only work three days a week now because he'll be prepping for the DAT. But, despite all righteous efforts, he'll still be working Friday night. Sigh... At least we're married and we don't have to try and act cool anymore on the weekend. But Doug only has one semester left (yes!!!!!) and he's all set to graduate in December. Since BYU doesn't hold commencement in December, you're all welcome to come witness him walk in his cap and gown in August. Ben will be graduating in August and Kadi might even suit up because she chose to not walk for her graduation. It will be a Shafer extravaganza, and we'd love to have you there!

Monday, April 16

Who's calling?

At work when you get a call from someone else in the office your caller ID says “KENT CALLING” or "JACKIE CALLING.” By far my favorite person to hear from is a lady named Von (full name Avon). When she calls, “AVON CALLING” pops up on the screen and I just have to let it ring a few times so I can really relish in the moment.

Friday, April 13

matchy match

Fate brought these two shirts, Doug, and Mason together. So cute.


We're pleased to report we had a fabulous Easter. Doug's sister Kadi was in town with her fam. We did an Easter egg hunt with her in-laws up in Salt Lake on Saturday.

The nephews were hilare. Unfortunately Kadin was out for the count after a few minutes--when a guy needs a nap he needs a nap. Joel seemed most interested in getting the eggs and then immediately opening them to get the candy. He wasn't going to risk putting them in his basket and never seeing that precious candy again. Carter reacted best to someone saying "Hey Carter, there's an egg!" and then running for it aggressively. And Mason was adorable--something he's really good at. Not only does he have spectacular hair that stands straight up (something they call "the Shafer curse"... the fate of our children is certain), but he also makes this crazy screaming/groaning sound while his mouth is wide open. He looks a little angry when he does it, but he's really happy as can be. Priceless.

The greatest celebrity of the day was no bunny. He was this tiny dog named Rusty.
Joel especially couldn't get enough of him! He kept getting distracted from the egg hunt, much preferring to play with Rusty. And by "play" I mean let the dog lick his face. Again. And again. Whether Joel's mouth was open or not. He thought it was extremely funny. And so did we. Carter got in on the action a bit too, but I think he started to think, "Huh, perhaps this is gross" and kinda backed out. I'm bummed we didn't get a pic of the four boys together (especially since I took zero of Kadin), but trust me they were cute to the max.

On Easter Sunday Doug and I awoke to gifts from the Easter Bunny a/k/a I got up and put Easter candy that I'd hidden a few weeks before in some bowls on the kitchen table. (At first Doug didn't get up to check to see what the E.B. had left. When the E.B. got annoyed, he learned that checking to see what the E.B. leaves is not an option, no matter how tired you are.) We had Easter church, and then went over to Ben and Whitney's for Easter bbq. It was awesome. We even topped the night off with some Settlers of Catan/Katan, and Doug and I got our butts royally kicked (we bow before you, Morgan and Nate!).
Doug and I especially liked trying out a new tradition for our first Easter together. The week leading up to Easter, we read from the Bible the different things Christ was doing on those days. It was pretty cool to put the Easter celebration in perspective--I totally recommend it.

Friday, April 6

a week

Why not bore you by giving a day-by-day breakdown of our week.

I dragged Doug to my mission reunion. I totally loved it, but we stayed for nearly three hours. Apparently I felt like enduring two of Doug’s reunions last year meant this was time to make up for it. My president suggested we call him “Bob” (dream on, President Lee), I had at least one squealing hugging reunion with a beloved elder I haven’t seen since the mission, and we discovered the pride and joy of making spinach dip (simple yet so delicious).

Lots o’ conference and then I had dinner with Sarah and Melissa while the boys were at the Priesthood Session. We topped the night off with one intense game of nerts after another. Dave took first place, Doug second, and the rest of us were literally 150 points behind. I am ashamed.


Breakfast with Ben and Whit, lunch and dinner with the McNeils (Doug’s aunt and uncle). We pretty much watched conference and ate the entire day. I consider all of it a success.

The little gravel parking lot behind our house was cleared out in preparation for cement. I think it looks like an ice skating rink. We’re thrilled. We’re less thrilled, however, about having to desperately search for parking in the surrounding blocks because we can’t drive on it for 7 to 10 days. Please enjoy the before and after shots. And the excessive number of cinder blocks.

We spent about 7 hours at Dave and Sarah’s while Doug and some class friends worked on a group project. They are all Exercise Science majors, and for some reason their professor thought they would know how to put videos together. Go figure. The video was about this semi-minor disease that causes knee pain in teenagers, and they had a lot of material that needed to be sorted through. But Dave saved the day (he edits film for a living) and the editing was excellent. Doug said their video was a hit.

Also, I beat Doug while playing boxing on the Wii at the Aller’s house.

We were both very sporty—I went to a yoga class that Whitney taught and Doug had another intramural football game. Football rocks Doug’s world and I usually enjoy going, but my complaint is that it started at 9 pm. Who feels like playing football that late? And who feels like watching football that late? Doug, despite the lateness, had a great game and scored a diving-can’t-believe-he-got-in-there touchdown. We then had to go back to Dave and Sarah’s to finish the video after the game ended around 10 pm. Luckily Sarah and I just watched Law & Order SVU (which Sarah fondly refers to as Law & Order HIV) and chatted while the guys worked. Suckers.

After work we had not only BBQ chicken, but a trip to the temple! It was a win win situation. We did sealings and the worker there was the German version of my Grandpa Maron. The worker confirmed that Shafer does indeed mean "shepherd" in German, but he had to break it to us that it should be spelled Schäfer. We spell it wrong, he said. From the look on his face, I felt like we needed to change it back or we’d be shunned from German society. Good to know we shouldn’t try and fit in with Germans.

Going Pro

An article I ended up writing last minute at work when someone else couldn’t do it was published in a magazine called Scrapbook Retailer. The magazine is for owners of scrapbook stores, so I imagine a lot of you don’t subscribe to it. The article is on a topic I know nothing about and that I really had to throw together. Awesome!

I also feel the responsibility as an editor to edit myself. In one of my last blogs, I mentioned my Grandpa’s “censor.” That spelling of censor means to edit or repress something. Oops! What I really meant was sensor. Something that senses him falling down thus calling the nurses. Sensor.