Friday, June 29

oh cell phones... we hardly knew ye

Here's something I don't get. I admit that I am 1,000% addicted to my cell phone, and I just don't know how I could live without it. However, I despise that this commitment to the cell phone that many people share has given the cellular telephone some sort of trump card when it comes to communication. Case in point: I have a coworker that will come over to your desk, start a work-related-seems-important conversation, and then out of the blue reach down into his pocket and start speaking into his cell phone. I don't even have the benefit of realizing the phone is ringing, he just picks it up. No explanation, no apology. Just an abrupt transition from communicating with a real person to communicating with the phone person. One time another coworker managed to even do this trick mid-sentence! His sentence that
started out for me ended for whoever was on the phone.

Now I know we all get important phone calls. Sometimes they're clients, sometimes they're family members who are bleeding on the side of the road, and so on. But why do so many people think it's socially acceptable to make everyone pause their life while they answer a cell phone call that is most likely a spouse calling to discuss what to have for dinner? I remember the good ol' days (Zach Morris days?) when people would at least say, "I'm sorry, I really need to take this" or at bare minimum make a face as if to say, "I'm terribly sorry, but this is important!!" But alas, nowadays people feel their phone vibrate and immediately they are sucked into a world where only they and their cell phone exist.

Why, why, why…

Thursday, June 28

Apostle Sighting

Doug and I went to the grocery store the other night. We got in line at the checkout behind an older couple. We put stuff up on the conveyor belt, checked out the candy bars, Doug made a comment about Jessica Simpson looking trashy on a tabloid cover, and so on—you know, the usual. I glanced up at the man in front of me, and did a double take. I knew I recognized him, and then it hit me—he was your favorite super tall apostle and mine, Elder L. Tom Perry! (He's one of the 12 Apostles of our Church.) I turned back to Doug and whispered, "That's L. Tom Perry!!" Doug looked up and both our faces went red. We were star struck. I don't think either of us wanted to bother him and I frankly I don't know what I would have said ("Hey, you're L. Tom Perry!" is all I could think of). While Elder Perry was talking to the kid working the checkout, his wife glanced back at us. Doug and I both smiled at her but said nothing. We hoped our smiles said, "We totally know who you two are, we just don't want to be obnoxious. And yes, our faces are red."

All they bought were two boxes of Kleenex. Perhaps they had allergies, or perhaps they were on their way to a fireside. Either way, they bought name brand. Good to know.

Tuesday, June 26


I manage the translations at work, and I got an email from our translator this morning. She works down in Chile, so obviously Spanish is her first language. But she has excellent English and she even does our French translations too. She's good. ó

But her email had a question about the list of product names I had sent her last week. She said she wasn't sure about one of the names, "Teat for Two." She said she imagined a female dog with "two small dogs having their milk," but she wasn't sure if that was ok.

I was semi-horrified for a moment. What kind of product name is Teat for Two?? And what the heck does it look like?? It had to be a typo. I had only glanced over the list of names before I sent them to her, so I looked over it again. To my great relief, I realized we didn't have a new nursing line. It was actually just a cute little tea-themed image called "Tea for Two."

Thank goodness she asked for clarification! Although I do wish I could have seen the translations for “Teat for Two” into French, Spanish, and German. Good times.

Monday, June 18

2 exciting things

1. My most favorite Texan had her baby! Lindy and Ryan welcomed Lucy to their family last Friday. From what I know, baby and mom are doing great. And despite Lindy's fears of a 20 pound baby, she was a mere 7 pounds 7 ounces. I'm sure she's beautiful!

2. Doug was able to push back his DAT (the dental school entrance exam) day a week and we're both relieved. He's so great--he's been studying his face off for this test and I'm sure he'll rock it. He wanted a bit more time to get prepared, so he'll take it July 2. Feel free to fast and pray for him. :)

stewart falls

Saturday we did a short hike with our ward to Stewart Falls. It was easy enough that Ben and Whitney were able to bring Joel and Kadin. We took turns holding them and they were such good sports. Joel loved the idea of the waterfalls, and said a few times on the hike there something like "We're here!" when really we were only halfway. (In sacrament meeting yesterday he whispered to me with a very serious face, "I want to go the waterfall.")
It's a really nice hike--shady and not too steep. And it's very rewarding to get to the falls and be able to cool off. Some of us chose to just put our hands in the water, others chose a more saturated approach. :) Tip of the day: if you ever offer Doug $10 to do something, you better believe he's going to do it. Our Bishop learned that lesson the hard way.

The falls are beautiful and that area is gorgeous. This hike was much more my style (not nearly as terrifying as the mountain of death). We hiked up to a higher part of the falls and I only got scared once (maybe) because it was slick. That's a serious improvement.

On our hike back, Doug had Kadin on his shoulders for a long stretch. We were talking and laughing and didn't even notice that Kadin had fallen asleep! He was slumped over like he'd passed out. What a little champ!

Wednesday, June 13

scottish to the core

What? 33rd Annual Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games
Where? Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah
When? Saturday June 9. 2006
Who? Ben, Doug, me, and all flavors of people (I mean ALL flavors)
Why? To learn the following:

1. Dunlop is a very small clan. We may have a town in Scotland, but no one in Lehi, Utah cares to have any info on us. Fools.
2. Apparently everyone is happy to have kilts and tartans for Doug and Ben's Scottish roots, but not mine. Fools.
3. Kilts cost a LOT. There were some kilt-makers there from Edinburgh that were selling some kilts for "gents." In his two-minute presentation to Doug and Ben, the dude stressed the hand-stitched pleats and how awesome they were. And then he told them they could each get a kilt starting at only $650.00 or so. What a deal!

4. Scotsmen are made of steel. We watched a few events, including the sheaf toss (they toss a bag of something over a pole using a pitchfork), the log-throwing thing (I'll never remember the proper name for that), and the throw-a-cannon-ball-on-a-chain-over-a-pole-directly-above-your-head event. It was NUTS! And if you think all of the competitors were wearing kilts, you're right.

5. Bagpipes are loud. They can really sound cool, but they are loud.

6. A highlands festival is a great excuse for swords: buying them, wearing them, selling them, and acting like you know how to use them. We were AMAZED at the number of guys walking around with swords on their backs. Most of the swords were extremely disproportionate to the guys too (we started taking random pics of some of our favorites). They also had several tents devoted to knives and swords, and Ben and Doug spent quite a bit of time checking them out. Almost too much time for my liking.

7. If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!

Friday, June 8

i dropped a woman's shirt in the toilet

So I dropped a woman's shirt in the toilet the other day. At work they needed someone (i.e. me...sigh...) to pose for a shot wearing a certain type of shirt. A woman I sick next to had on such a shirt with a hoodie over top, so she went and took off the shirt and just zipped up her hoodie until I safely returned said shirt.

So I went into the bathroom to change, stepped into the stall, rested the shirt on the toilet paper holder, turned to close and lock the stall door, and knocked the shirt into the toilet.


I grabbed it immediately, but not before the entire sleeve got soaked. I stood there forever trying to magically dry it with paper towels, hoping I could dry it, wear it, and all would be well in the world. But I couldn't fight the grossness of it, and I resigned to the fact that I just had to tell her.

Fortunately she just laughed with me and seemed mostly relieved that the toilet water was "clean." Unfortunately, everyone else laughed at me and brought it up a lot in very clever ways. Sometimes it bites to be an idiot.

You pretty much get an idea of our week from that. Except Doug also turned in his big kahoona dental school application (yes!), which I'd have to say is significantly cooler than dropping a shirt into a public toilet.