Tuesday, April 29

child labor

I had a dream last night that I had a baby, and I was really really pleased at the end to realize it hardly hurt at all. So I don't know what all you mothers out there are complaining about--it's not that bad.


PS- I also dreamt that we had a boy, but because we had really wanted a girl we put a dress on him. And I felt really bad because I kept forgetting if he really was a boy or a girl. I also couldn't remember his name, and I kept hoping no one would ask me my child's name. Is that unhealthy?

PPS- This story was also a part of the dream somehow. Thank you Derek and Mandy!!!

Saturday, April 26

woody de woodpecker

Good idea: Waking up one morning and realizing there must be a woodpecker living nearby. Smiling because you think this is charming.

Bad idea: Waking up EVERY morning and realizing the woodpecker has no sense of early and that it is probably going to make that sound all the time. Getting bitter because getting bitter seems like the only thing to do when you're tired.

Thursday, April 24


What happens when you don't wear a jacket or socks to work in April?

It snows.

Tuesday, April 22

then givitame

Conversation had between our nephews Joel and Kadin whilst sitting in their car seats:

Joel hands Kadin a popsicle: Kadin, you gotta bite it.

Kadin (who has this sweet tiny voice): Um, I don't want to bite it. Okay?

Joel: Then givitame.

(few minutes later)

Joel: Kadin, you gotta yick it. You gotta yick wif yo tongue. Or wif yo teef.

Yes, those kids kill us. :)

This weekend we had Doug's sister Kadi and his brother Ben and fam in town. Ben and Whit ran a marathon (yes, they're amazing) and Kadi shopped and chilled with us. It was awesome!!

Thursday, April 17

back from alabama; no banjo on my knee

Last week I went to Sweet Home Alabama to help my parents get settled here:

Their new house is awesome and I think it will work well for my parents once they get to "Dunlop-tize" it a bit. I forgot what it's like to be in the South, and I really really loved it. The accents, the friendly folk, the humidity, the fire ants--it's just amazing. I think this whole Alabama thing will rock.

We unpacked, cleaned, painted, and went to Lowe's again and again. I even got to overlap my visit time with Jenn and Alexis, providing us important opportunities to see our old stomping grounds from when we lived in AL before, to play Barbies, and to put inch worms on our arms.
(This was our elementary school. It was here that I wet my pants because I couldn't get my overalls off and it was here that I got put in time out for singing the Cops song "Bad Boys" to a boy at recess.)

(That Barbie dress was my favorite. Well, it IS my favorite to this day.)

(There are just critters galore here, even in early Spring. I'm glad this kind is at least cute. I was afraid to look for other less cut ones when I was mowing the lawn.)

So I give that trip to AL an A+ for quality family time and days away from my desk job. High fives, Alabama!!

Tuesday, April 8

welcome back, guys

We missed you. Bad.

Friday, April 4

i'd like to buy YOU a vowel

Dear Suzanne, my freshman roommate,

You are my home girl!! I loved watching you on Wheel of Fortune last night, and I was terribly impressed with your skills! How come we were both English majors but you managed to make your talents profitable? You are so much wiser than I...

And no offense to the other 2 contestants, but you schooled them. You schooled them bad. I thought Frank was going to be a threat, but I think we all know that "Sparkling Turquoise Waters" was yours. Sorry, Frank.

So congrats for a job well done! I just can't wait to go with you on your trip to Spain--it's going to be awesome.


Thursday, April 3

Oh, you wanted to know who won?

The VW Van!!!

Our actual video really is cut off--curse you small memory card!!--so I decided to embrace the idea and put you all on the edges of your seats. Done and done. :)

One of the best parts is that our nephew Noah won his pinewood derby just the night before. Our family is on a roll!!!

Oh, and you have to see Ryan and his homies car--it's pretty sweet:

Wednesday, April 2

dia de derby

Saturday March 29 was the day of the derby. The pinewood derby, to be exact.

There were no cub scouts to be found at this competition. Just a bunch of grown ups that included former scouts that felt they knew what they were doing.

We ran out of time to make a totally awesome car, so Doug embraced the idea that we didn't have time to make a cool car and went for funny instead. So he rounded the corners, painted it to look like a VW bus, and did some trickiness in the bottom using washers to theoretically beef up the speed.

We had a cutthroat weigh-in process. Doug had to keep drilling and drilling to get the weight right. The weigh-in staff would have it NO other way.

We lost any faith we really had in our vehicly when we saw how sweet everybody else's cars looked. We figured, "Hey, it will be fun."

And guess what? We got ourselves more than a bit of fun. We got a miracle. We may it through the first match, and then the second, and eventually we made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP round. Now THAT was a miracle.

And do you know what happened in that championship round??

Well, let's let the video tell the story: