Saturday, June 28

moving continues to bite

Last day of work: check
Putting apartment in shambles: check
Running out of packing tape: check
Finding out the people you thought were going to buy our Camry cancelled: check
Yard sale: check
Saying a bunch of goodbyes and thinking "Now THIS bites": check

We'll survive, right? RIGHT??

Tuesday, June 24

early talent

I have a degree in English and I now work as a copywriter and editor. Any talent I had for writing started early as you can see from these cards I once made for my grandparents:

(the blog at the top was once a tent that popped up)
(Fotsday=Father's Day, OF COURSE)

Pure genius, if I don't say so myself.

Sunday, June 22


Friday night we went to this:

with these guys:

We had a blast! One of the coolest parts? Dirt bike dudes doing crazy tricks during some sort of half-time show. Awesome.

Thursday, June 19

luis and me

Tuesday was my last day tutoring. I'm going to miss this guy!

"Bean curd made by a pock-marked woman"

I thought this article was hilarious. From today:

China renames oddly named menu items for Olympics

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- What's in a name?

Westerners are more accustomed to names that describe the ingredients and how they are cooked.

Local dishes like "Husband and wife's lung slice" or "Chicken without sexual life" conjure lots of furrowed eyebrows on famished foreigners.

So, with the Olympics a few short weeks away, China is giving its cuisine a linguistic makeover.

It is proposing that restaurants change the names of exotic, but bizarrely named, delicacies to make them more delectable for the estimated 50,000 visitors arriving in August for the Summer Games.

The appetizer "Husband and wife's lung slice" is taking on the more appetizing "Beef and ox tripe in chili sauce."

"Chicken without sexual life" has been transformed into "Steamed pullet."

The government has put down more than 2,000 proposed names in a 170-page book that it has offered to Beijing hotels, according to state media.

"Thanks to the pamphlet, we do not have to struggle to come up with the English translations of dishes any more, which is usually time consuming," a senior manager at the four-star Guangzhou Hotel in downtown Beijing told the Xinhua news agency.

The Chinese say the names of their dishes focus more on appearance than taste or smell. But Westerners are more accustomed to names that describe the ingredients and how they are cooked -- such as pot roast.

The government realizes local names are a matter of taste, but don't want them to get lost in translation.

Hence, the spicy Sichuanese dish "Bean curd made by a pock-marked woman" has been bestowed the more palatable "Mapo tofu."

Not everyone is pleased.

"The process of standardizing a menu translation is a double-edged sword," wrote columnist Raymond Zhou in the China Daily newspaper. It "removes the ambiguity and unintended humor" and "takes away the fun and the rich connotation.

"It turns a menu into the equivalent of plain rice, which has the necessary nutrients but is devoid of flavor."

Sunday, June 15

come to zion

We have several things on a to-do list we call "Holy Crap We're Moving and We Need to Do a Bunch of Stuff Before We Leave Utah." (It's a really long title, yet a very important list.)

This weekend we managed to check one of those items off the list: Visit Zion's National Park. We went with Doug's cousins Rendon and Madeline and Madeline's friend Rachel. We had a fabulous time! Highlights included finding a totally top secret yet awesome campsite, driving "almost" around the beautiful Kolob reservoir (the road isn't a complete circle... which we eventually discovered), and hiking the freaking awesome narrows (a watery hike through a canyon... SO COOL).

Oh Utah... we're so ready to leave, yet we'll miss thee all the same.

Monday, June 9

I work in Spanish Fork

Can't you tell?

Cowboys drive their cattle on the road right in front of our building every year. Luckily my boss was able to take these pictures the other day. YES!

Saturday, June 7

oh deer

As any good resident of Pennsylvania will admit, the state is rich in deer. I used to see them in our neighborhood, on the roads on my way to school, and even grazing on the islands in the middle of the highway. Almost everyone in my family has hit a deer with their car or, as Jenn and I experienced, been hit by a deer (but the heated controversy of that experience continues to this day). But suffice it to say... deer are about as common in PA as intoxicated Eagles fans.

In fact, I found this in an article about the concern about the deer population in PA:
"The deer problem has reached crisis levels, they say. The state's deer population numbered about one million after the hunt in 2003, compared with 600,000 in 1985... Pennsylvania is considered to have one of the nation's most severe problems, said
Robert J. Warren, professor of wildlife ecology and management at the University of Georgia, who saw an early draft of the report. 'I think it can safely be said that Pennsylvania has had probably the longest record of a problem of overabundance of deer in natural forest habitat,' he said."

So with all this mind, please know that when we're driving up the canyon and Doug or a friend points and says, "Hey! A deer!" It takes everything I have within me to mutter, "Oh, huh." When really I want to point the other direction and say, "Oh look! Another tree!"

I don't want to stop the car and look at it. I don't want to take pictures of it. I don't want to see how close I can get to it. In fact, I want to get away from it as quick as I can before it runs full speed into our car.

Now don't get me wrong--I don't want to kill it. I mean, I cried along with everyone else when Bambi's mother died. I realize it's a beautiful creature and it's the ever-increasing population of humans that forces us to cross paths. But I just don't want to act mystified in its presence. They eat our gardens and their suicide missions wreck our cars, and their charm has wore off.

So let it be known, world, from henceforth and forever I'm not going to fake interest anymore! The sham is over!! I'm done living a lie and I'm ready to be myself. So while you're pulling over and wishing you could hug it, I just may be looking the other direction and calling it a rat. And that's that.

Thursday, June 5

the olympics are coming

The Summer Olympics don't officially start until August, but this is sure to get you psyched.

Many thanks to my sister Stace for sending this gem on.

Tuesday, June 3


I have an inexplicable love and respect for If I had a million dollars and shipping were free, our home would be full of so much handmade stuff Doug would have to freeze my account.

You can find everything from my mom's cute shop (which I love for OBVIOUS reasons) to stationery and furniture and clothing galore. What more could a girl ask for??

Long live pretty product images on the internet!