Thursday, August 7

denver, baby, DENVER!

We then got to stop in Denver and visit Jess and fam for a few days. We had a blast swimming, breaking in their trampoline, eating out, hitting up the Denver zoo, and más and más. These folks are priceless, as shown:

I didn't approve of the picture below. Statue or not, this is possibly my worst nightmare, and Rylee took it like a man.

The animals below boggled the mind. There were probably 8 of them all around the pen trying to blend in. Weird science.

The Mortensens were terribly good to us, and we were sorry to say goodbye! (Jess is having baby Reagan on August 27, and they weren't able to join the other Dunlops in AL. They were missed!!!)


Ryan said...

I don't see any animals in the last picture. Are you sure you posted the right one?

The Mortensen's said...

Ummmm....we just saw that you posted these! We are nerds! We sure had a good time with you guys - just so you know Luke is quoting lines from Brian Regan! One of the kids barked like a dog the other day in the car and he freakin said as loud and clear as anything, "did you hear a bow wow"?

I peed my pants...