Tuesday, September 23

northern excursion

Doug got a break from school from last week, and so we headed north to visit my sisters and get a break from reality.

So what'd we do?
- We hit up the D.C. Temple.
- We checked out Princeton with Jenn and Lexi as our tour guides.

- We spent many hours with the Wii. The tank game and Dr. Mario ruled our lives!
- We saw Ty's soccer game, got our hair cut, played wiffle ball in the backyard (did we ever decide who won??), argued over Settlers, taught the art of Nines, and ate many a delicious meal.

- We got to see the kids in the primary program. They rocked it. Highlights? Lexi utilizing sass while standing near the podium with a drawing she did of her family, and Ty reciting the line he wrote himself: "I can be obedient by not stealing." Priceless.

- We also headed back to Doylestown to visit our old home turf. We enjoyed seeing our house,

running all over Kid's Castle (a gigantic wooden castle that's pretty freaking sweet... just plan on it doing a number on your back),

and even cheering on our Patriots at a football game (the CBE alumni proudly posed for the picture below... we're just glad Cyd chose the middle spot for this shot... sorry Phil).

Thanks again Cyd and Jenn for such a great time!!


Kadi said...

What a fun-filled trip! Looks like you had so much fun with your fun sisters. I'm glad you a had a week off to relax. I'm totally jealous of all the site-seeing you are doing. I want to go...maybe I should come and move in with you guys and Joel can stay back with the kids...don't worry, I'll keep in touch with them. I love you guys and am glad you are doing so well!!!

janaya said...

NINES!!! YES! you have to remind us how to play that. we were going crazy the other day trying to remember (pretty sure burton and i agreed to disagree about it). we are SO playing that when we finally get together.

Once upon a time... said...

What a blast! I love the pic of you guys holding up Phil! He is such a tard! I can't believe how big the pear tree outside the house looks!!!! The pic you got of the temple is awesome! Glad you had fun!