Monday, September 15


This girl

is now 13?!?!

My oldest niece is now a teenager, and I just aged about 15 years. Wow, wow, wow.

Happy Birthday, Kennedy. We sure do love your guts!


Ryan said...

My brother and his wife recently started a blog to chronicle their adventures in their new home in Malaysia. I haven't seen my brother, or his kids in any form for at least 2 years. Meg and I looked at pictures on their blog and my first thought was "oh my gosh, Kaitlyn has boobs." I was totally shocked and immediately terrified that I would one day have a daughter and consequently be forced into dealing with the physical evidence of puberty. It was bad enough going through it with my neice I hardly ever see.

AnnaYoung said...

My sister refuses to acknowledge I am older than 18. She actually prefers 16, but 18 is manageable. she's 8 years older than me. . . . . . for the record I'm 26 now.

Lindy said...

Happy Birthday! Live it up!

Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, Miss Kennedy!

Jackie, I too have a 13 year old neice named Kennedy. I too feel as old as dirt. Sigh.

Suzanne said...

Niece! Someone take my English degree away, quick!

The Mortensen's said...

wait...she is 13? son of a bear!!!!!