Thursday, October 30

the new job: things to like...

- having a computer! (finally!)
- remembering I actually DO know how to use a PC, although the PC-at-work-but-Mac-at-home trick really messes with my mind. And my fingers
- hearing "ya'll" regularly in meetings
- using IM for internal company communications... everybody does it
- getting hot chocolate on the second floor from the loudest machine you've ever heard
- working on the floor that has conference rooms all named after animals... Californian Condor, Tamarin, and Duiker (see photo) are some of my favorites
- knowing another building has conference rooms that are all named after dragons... Puff, Falkor that one from the Never Ending Story, etc. No, I'm not kidding.

Monday, October 27

8 hours = eternity

Day 6 at Capital One. Still no computer.

Sunday, October 26

monster mania!

Last night was our church's Halloween party. As members of the activities committee, we got to help run the show AND dress up like monsters. It was an exhaustingly good time. We had a great turn out and lots to do. There's just nothing like dangling donuts and cookies from strings so kids can race to eat them, know what I mean?

My only regret? Not taking more accurate Frankenstein-and-Madeline-Kahn-ish photos. But Halloween ain't over yet!

Wednesday, October 22

how to freak your wife out for the rest of your lives

Yesterday Doug's class practiced checking vital signs on each other. When his partner checked Doug's heart, he thought Doug's heart sounded "weird." Turns out the lady helping them agreed.

An echocardiogram taken soon after at school confirmed that Doug has an arrhythmia (the printout above that Doug proudly showed me proves it). They told Doug is wasn't anything to worry about--it's a variation of normal and it shouldn't be a problem. What they didn't take into account, however, is that now I'm going to worry about that for the rest of our lives.


Tuesday, October 21

i survived

I think this job is going to work! So far the people I work with seem cool, and I think the work I'll be doing will be totally doable. A little dry, perhaps, but doable.

This is by far the largest company I've ever worked for (expect maybe BYU?). The "campus" where I work has seven buildings, and I'm on the fourth floor of my building. There's a snack area on each floor and a cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch (picture it packed like a high school cafeteria but with a bunch of grown-ups wearing business casual). Hilarious.

Since I don't have a computer yet, today I don't have to go in until this afternoon. I suppose this is slowly helping me transition from the stay-at-home-wife to the crap-I-have-to-work-full-time-again-employee. Awesome.

Sunday, October 19

currently employed

I have a job!!! I'll be working as a contractor for the folks that brought you this gem:

Way to go, Capital One.

I'll be doing copywriting and editing full time for them at their office in Richmond. My first day is tomorrow, so I'll let you know if I run into any vikings.

Thursday, October 16

hello fall

Glad to see you! And I'm glad Virginia is choosing to change its leaves but still be 80 degrees. We can't complain.

deep thoughts from NPR

There was a feature this morning on NPR about arranged marriages in the Muslim faith. They interviewed a young Muslim couple that have been married for 6 years. They both live here in the States, but they still opted to go the traditional route and have their parents select their husband/wife. NPR called them the poster child for arranged marriages because they are truly happy. The husband credited their happiness to his parents good selection and to a lot of hard work. He said growing up he always knew "he'd love his wife no matter who she was."

Interesting, no?

Most Americans don't expect that. They plan to love a spouse as long as he/she keeps making them happy. So when times get hard or the spouse gets annoying or life gets dull, people decide they're not happy and file for a divorce. Done and done.

I think we should all be a bit more like this Muslim couple. While I'm SUPER glad I got to pick Doug myself (no offense, mom and dad), I think we should all have the mind-set that once we choose to marry someone, we will both (key word: both) make our marriage work and, more than anything, that we will love each other.

Thanks, NPR and arranged-marriage-couple, for making me think before I've even had breakfast.

Monday, October 13

our photographic peaks

Do you ever have a favorite picture of yourself? A picture that you assume was the photographic peak of your lifetime, therefore the only photographic direction for you is down?

Our BYU ID pictures are just such photos for both of us.

Unfortunately these pics were taken circa 2001, so things aren't looking good for our futures. Dangit.

Saturday, October 11


We just paid $2.69 for gas. Bless you, Chevron on Pemberton and Three Chopt.

Tuesday, October 7

how was doug's intramural football game tonight?

Oh, pretty good I'd say.

(He was an excellent QB, he had some great tackles whilst playing defense, he somehow tore up his knees AND fell on his head, and the team won.)

get OUT!

The Church is building a temple in Philadelphia!!! I seriously never dreamed that would happen.

Very very cool.

Monday, October 6

a cat lady?

There's no doubt about it: I've had more time on my hands these days than the past few years combined. And I'm afraid part of my time has put me on the fast track to becoming my worst nightmare:

A Cat Lady

I'm not referring to a lady that just likes cats. Because I've always liked cats (sorry, Doug). I'm referring to the kind that has so many cats she doesn't even name them all. The kind that has a house that reeks of cats, is covered in hair, and that eventually has a litter box in every room. You know, one of THOSE ladies.

And how did this happen you may ask? Well there is a drain for rainwater just behind our apartment. Right when we moved in, we noticed it was a hot spot for these neighborhood cats. They spent much of their day playing on the grate or napping next to it (see below):

With me at home during the day and with our sliding glass door facing the drain, it was easy to notice when the cats came and went and what they were up to. I'd get really excited if I took our trash out and saw one of the cats there. Next thing I know I'm telling Doug stories about what the gray kitty did today or where I saw the black and white cat. I'm afraid I even roped Doug into it, because now he'll tell me, "Hey, the cats are back" or "Black kitty just walked on our back porch!"

I have tried to make contact with said cats, but they're super not interested. But their disinterest (or hatred?) hasn't deterred me from trying, and I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until we have our very own litter boxes for each room in the house.

Long live the cat lady within me... and may I find better ways to occupy myself soon.

Thursday, October 2

wow, I didn't know he was running

We found this over the weekend in Richmond. Who knew?

PS- Aren't you so glad the Office is back on???

Wednesday, October 1

peer pressure

I gave in.

Enjoy the new look.

*Is this layout too busy?? I can't decide if this hurts my eyes.