Sunday, October 19

currently employed

I have a job!!! I'll be working as a contractor for the folks that brought you this gem:

Way to go, Capital One.

I'll be doing copywriting and editing full time for them at their office in Richmond. My first day is tomorrow, so I'll let you know if I run into any vikings.


Alicia and Brian said...

Yay, yay, and yay!

Congrats to your employed ol' self. You'll be awesome.

Will you get to star in any of these commercials!?

Monica said...

Congrats! I am very excited for you. Make sure you tell Doug that you work hard for the money so he better treat you right! :)

KaSs said...

Congratulations!!! Good luck on your first day. Now if only i could say the same for my husband... :0)

The Mortensens said...

You know what I have in my wallet right now? Kennedy's migraine pill and some lint. Sigh...thanks alot Capital One!