Wednesday, October 22

how to freak your wife out for the rest of your lives

Yesterday Doug's class practiced checking vital signs on each other. When his partner checked Doug's heart, he thought Doug's heart sounded "weird." Turns out the lady helping them agreed.

An echocardiogram taken soon after at school confirmed that Doug has an arrhythmia (the printout above that Doug proudly showed me proves it). They told Doug is wasn't anything to worry about--it's a variation of normal and it shouldn't be a problem. What they didn't take into account, however, is that now I'm going to worry about that for the rest of our lives.



the meyersons said...

Hey Dougal...Trav and I are matchy matchy with you. PAC's. Premature arterial contractions. Everybody's doing it.

the Allers said...

Just don't mention this to your insurance. PG let the secret out about him and now we're screwed. HA!

The Barnos said...

How funny he found it that way. And who says dentists aren't doctors... :)

KaSs said...

Yikes!! That's neat that he found out in class though, its like free medical help while he's in school!

Lindy said...

I feel like there should be some kind of screening before they give those kind of results out. Something like:
1) Are you married?
2) Does your wife worry a lot?
3) For the rest of your life will your wife worry about your health if we give you details on this condition that will not affect anything you do?

If you can answer yes to the above, then the information is just counterproductive! Now you have to worry about Jackie getting an ulcer. Good one dental school. You should definitely submit all of your receipts for Rolaids for reimbursement.

Monica said...

Ask Doug if that first bump, I think its a Q, is what's wrong. I haven't had my phisiology yet but I'm still working on reading ECGs for the heck of it. PS. I'm glad that he at least survived long enough to get through Saturday morning football at BYU. That was fun.

Monica said...

Its actually the P that worries me.