Tuesday, November 11

brothers don't shake hands...

... brothers gotta hug.

We loved having Ben (Doug's bro) here last weekend. Here are the highlights:
- Doug and Ben played racquetball, a Doug and Ben tradition.
- Our ward had a pinewood derby for the adult men, and the car Ben and Doug made together got fourth place. Not bad!

- Ben ran 10 miles. Doug and I slept in.
- We visited Belle Isle for the first time. It's an island in the middle of the James River. You walk across a suspension bridge that's hanging below a stretch of the highway that crosses the river. On the island there are paths for hiking and biking, but we liked the huge rocks in the river the best.

- We hit up Maymont park, this sweet park in the city that has animals and gardens and all kinds of cool stuff.

- We saw a movie at the lovable Byrd Theatre. The movie, "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," was less lovable.
- We drove up to DC and dined with Janaya and Burton.

Brothers = the Best

(We found "DS love BS" on Belle Island, and we knew it was fate.)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the DS loves BS really means what you think it means? I don't get it.
But could there be two cooler people in the world than the Shafer boys? I highly doubt it.

Katie said...

Holy cow, you got a TON of comments on your bathroom stall comment. I don't think I even have 29 friends. Wow!! So I thought I'd make my comment here instead! Looks like fun hanging out with Shafer squared. I had fun seeing brother Ben too. That DS and BS are quite the duo.

The Miles Family said...

Ahh...they are so happy to be together! I love the last picture with their initials. That is fate! I had a good laugh out of that one. Their expressions are priceless! Looks like you guys did a lot while he was here. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

i am thinking you should frame the last picture and you are covered for Christmas for your mother-in-law! I mean what are the odds you would find that?!

Wait...maybe you should do a survey and find out what those odds are.

btw: you are hilarious - i wish we were related!

The Mortensens said...

son of a...why do teenagers have to take over your computer?

the last comment was from ME - your favorite sister!