Tuesday, November 4

election day

Done and done.

The polls here in VA opened at 6 am, and because I was paranoid about missing work I got there at 6:15 am. The line was wrapped around the high school where I went to vote and the parking lot was full. Dang. The line actually moved super fast until you got inside the gym. They split you up by last name, and I realized that the S-Z line was the most popular there. It took me 30 minutes longer than those snooty A-G people (I really missed my maiden name today...).

But it was cool to see so many people come out to vote, and I loved seeing all flavors of people. All of us are really are so blessed to be able to participate in our elections. I felt proud to be an American today.

And what did Doug do? He stayed in bed because he had voted via absentee ballot. Show off.


the Allers said...

1. A-G = the LONGEST line @ our polling location; S-Z = shortest (as in zero people). Blast!
2. Don't lie. Doogie didn't vote today because he hates America. Everyone knows it.


KaSs MiLeS said...

you should go to cricut.com, there's a nice big picture of you! :0)

Lindy said...

We showed off to a major degree and early voted on Friday. There was no line, and not only did we each get a sticker, so did the Goose. She didn't even cast her own personal ballot, but when we went directly to the grocery store after to buy tons and tons of candy it sure looked like she did.

Jukebox said...

Scanning through all the entertaining comments can yield really wierd misreadings. I didn't read that the goose got a sticker. . . . but each of the people got a goose and a sticker. Wow. I need some rest.

Sedwick Family said...

"flavor" that's very PC...I was there, I know exactly what you mean by "flavor"