Friday, November 7

living a lie

So I lied to my husband this week. A lot. In fact, I lied so much that I couldn't keep track of past lies in order to continue future lies. It was exhausting!

Why all the deception? I blame Ben. (But it's a good blame. Trust me.)

Doug's brother Ben (who lives in California) had business to do in D.C. on Thursday, so he cooked up the story that he was going to be able to come down to Richmond for a night but then he'd have to leave Friday. Ben then fed said cooked story to Doug, who became terribly excited he'd get to see his Californian brother for at least a night.

While Doug was living on the high of a potential short brother visit (a short visit, not a short brother), Ben and I set up a top secret plan. The plan was for Ben to stay with us Thursday night, act like he was leaving Friday, and then surprise Doug by staying the whole weekend. It was an easy task, except for the fact that Ben and I are self-proclaimed bad liars. In fact, I'd say I'm a REALLY bad liar. But we were willing to give it a shot, and it led to me telling Doug lie after lie. After lie.

The best part? Doug didn't have a clue. Nothing tipped him off! So when Ben psyched him out Friday morning, Doug was totally shocked that two not-very-good-liars could pull this off (Ben and I were pretty proud of ourselves too).

Suffice it to say Doug was way happy. We'll post pics of our fabulous brother visit (fabulous brother AND fabulous visit) soon. Stay tuned.


whitney said...

ben was so excited to see his bro... thanks for taking care of him for us. :)

Kellie said...

Oh my gosh, so funny! I am the worst liar too, glad you were able to pull it off.