Wednesday, December 3

giving the thanks, new jersey style

Last week we headed to NJ to spend Thanksgiving with Jenn, Cyd, and my mom (my dad couldn't make it last minute thanks to dumb ol' work--we missed you dad!).

We had a delightful time. We cooked, baked, Wii-ed it up, bowled, played lots o' Scattergories, and more. We had a fabulous time and felt annoyed that real life required us to come home.

Thank goodness for family!

To recreate Lex's cookie: Add 2 cherry halves to make red, beady eyes.
To recreate Chase's cookie: Add coconut. Add everything else. Cover it all in coconut.
Jenn and cute foster baby
The guys playing Wii. And apparently Mr. Potato Head.
Tyler shaking his groove thang
My overall score? 74. Shut up.

His ball was rolling so slowly he sat down to watch it go
This girl got a strike. Seriously!
Some sort of strike high 5. I like it.

Uncle Travis is a patient chap
Family pics late, late at night. Good idea, Jackie. Oh, and nice hair.

Sure do love these folks...


Lindy said...

I'm glad you guys had such a blast! Sorry you don't have my bowling prowess. We can't all have a trophy.

Kellie said...

Fun pics with the fam. That's cool you guys all got together - even minus mr. dad.

The Mortensens said... guys got together? When did this happen?

The Mortensens said...


Glad you had fun on your end of the country! Our Monkey Bread was better than your Monkey Bread!

Jackie said...

Jess, our Monkey Bread would have kicked your trash. No joke.

the meyersons said...

Whoa....I made the Monkey Jess. It kicked your monkey left and right.

Also, I have big ears.

The Miles Family said...

Oh what a cute family you have! I'm glad that you had such a good time and that you are back with us again. Looks like you are as good of a bowler as I am...sorry. Not everyone can be as cool as we are! At least your an AWESOME Wii bowler! :)

John and Karisa said...

Well, even if you got a 74, at least you've got great form. John and I went last week, and I barely beat you with an 81. (You and I would have been battling it out for second-to-last place!)

So, we know the same people kind of! Katie Irion asked me if I knew a "Jackie" from Virginia, and said her friends (the Hutchisons I think) came over for Thanksgiving, but they're in your ward and LOVE you guys. The husband studies teeth with Doug. So, I guess our friends and friends with your friends.

Bro-in-law Ben said...

Jackie, your family is so fun! I think it would be spectacular to do a combined family thing some day. It would be pure craziness. Happy Thanksgiving!