Monday, January 12

80,000 pounds of poultry

This morning as I got onto the west-bound highway to head to work, I saw some people ahead of me tapping their brake lights. I could see a SUV sitting on the left side of the road with its hazard lights on, but it didn't seem to be damaged or in trouble. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself how annoying it is that people brake and slow down traffic for every little thing on the side of the road.

Half a second later, though, I realized that lying in the grass median 100 feet away from this SUV was a crushed semi truck on its side. It looked like dinosaur bones looming over my side of the highway. It was so startling to me that I did an audible gasp and put my hand over my mouth (you know, like in the movies… except this was a real reaction). I probably even braked a bit like everybody else. Traffic going east-bound was backed up for a mile or so, and it looked like a huge mess. I immediately thought of the truck driver and I wondered if he was okay.

I kept thinking about the driver, so I looked it up when I got to work. Little did I know the driver walked away from the accident, and he even left behind something pretty hilarious:

80,000 pounds of frozen chicken all over I-64.

It's no wonder that SUV had pulled over. He was probably trying to get a great deal on some discount poultry.


Meagan said...

That is too funny. I don't think I've ever heard of poultry all over the road. I probably would want to get a discount too, It washes right? 5 second rule?

jen and michael said...

That's hilarious! I too get annoyed with the whole "let's see what is going on over on that side and make everyone behind me suffer" but I guess I probably would have looked at that too! And can I tell you that Michael has on several occasions asked if we can invite you guys over to play games...we miss you!!

Alicia and Brian said...

If I were the type of person that touched meat, I certainly would've stopped and gathered some. :)

Mom said...

Down here in the South, that's what we call a barbecue.

The Mortensens said...


KaSs MiLeS said...

That's kind of funny! i can totally see you putting your hand over your mouth and gasping. :0) When are you going to come visit utah?

The Barnos said...

In New Jersey we call that rubber-necking and it totally killed me when I worked. I always expected some horrible accident and half the time it was a minor fender bender-or my all time favorite-prisoners picking up trash!!
Now watch for the price of frozen chicken to sky-rocket!! That poor driver is probably in trouble!