Sunday, January 25

disco sports

Last week I was reminded of the virtue of small, locally owned stores.

Last fall Doug realized his old cleats were dead, so we went in search of new ones. The one and only big sports equipment store around here is Dick's Sporting Goods (it's okay to laugh at the name), so we obviously went there first. It was here that Doug fell madly in love with these:

Crazy, I know. But he tried out several others in our price range, and they just didn't compare. They didn't have his size, so we decided that we'd try again in a few weeks. When we did, we found out they not only did they not still have his size, but the kid working there did not know anything about anything (note: this is probably not true, but it's sure how it felt).

We tried back again in a few weeks. Nothing. And, they still knew nothing.

We checked online, and they were really hard to find. That's when we figured out that these cleats were being discontinued. Lame.

At a loss of where else to go, we went back to Dick's after the holidays. We tried to find new cleats he liked, but he wasn't impressed with anything else. Dick's offered to check with other Dick's stores in the area for his size. They apparently found his size, so they promised to have them sent over in 2 to 3 days. Well after many phone calls and visits, they finally told him they had lost his order and no other stores had his size. Thanks, Dick's.

So we decided to just pick a different pair of cleats and buy them online. He still wasn't certain what size he was, so a quick visit to our local mall helped us figure that out. Note: the kid that worked there also didn't know anything about cleats. Or soccer. Or football. Or anything but basketball.

This is where the miracle comes in: as we were leaving the mall, we passed a small store called Disco Sports. It sounded like a sports bar, but they claimed to have sports equipment so we decided to check 'er out. And BOY are we glad we did.

At dear sweet Disco Sports we found the original dream pair of cleats available in multiple sizes. The kid that helped us is a soccer and football player, so he actually had excellent feedback on the different types of cleats. He also knew how to make eye contact with people. The price was really good, and I even discovered they have a whole dance section in case I ever suddenly take up ballet one day. We were THRILLED.

In our financial state, it's really easy to turn to the big stores to try and get a deal. Wal-Mart, Target, Dick's (it's okay, laugh), and such. But what a great reminder that if you want service, quality, and people that know their stuff, you can't rely on the 17-year-old working at a big store to give you what you want. He just doesn't get paid enough, and he'd rather be playing basketball anyway.


Lindy said...

I love how you used Dick's as often as possible. Now, next week you have to bear your testimony and say it from the pulpit.

Matthew Wilder Tanner said...

That is what makes Dunder Mifflin so great.

jen and michael said...

Dear Jackie,
Why do you think that Circuit City has come to such dire straits? We fired all of our knowledgeable, mature, and helpful associates in order to hire cheaper, acne faced, nose picking pre-teens and me. I am glad that Doug found the magic cleats from an informed store. Alas, Circuit City is out of luck in that department. There's no going back...they are sunk. Please ask if Disco Sport is hiring as I, Michael Fong know a ton about sports and would like to launch their car audio department on the right foot.
Your Friend,
Buddy 'ole Pal,
And former HT,
Michael Chewy Fong

The Barnos said...

Phil will be so proud of you. He's pretty hard core into supporting local businesses. Take it from your old sis-believe it or not often times you get a better deal w/ them. I think there's a perception that they're more expensive-but it just aint so!
I do however wish they hadn't chosen such a lame name-Disco Sports?!?!? Really?

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Green? Score!! His feet will blend into the grass and the other team won't know what hit them!!!

AnnaYoung said...

Yes. I enjoy happy endings that are arrived at by quality customer service and intelligence.

Hopefully Disco Sports' motto is something similarly awesome to "Limitless paper in a paperless world."