Sunday, January 11


The holidays hooked us up with Seasons 1 and 2 of "Psych." We watched at least one episode a day after getting them, but unfortunately we finished the last one yesterday. What are we supposed to do now?! Talk to each other? Read BOOKS?

Watch "Psych" on the USA network or for free on Go! Watch it!


the meyersons said...

The new season just started on Friday!! Perfect timing.

Go to
First episode is called Six Feet Under the Sea.

Happy to oblige

Traci M said...

Good show. I'm just bummed we don't get USA. :(

Kadi said...

I'm so sad for you...I was going through withdrawals after you guys left and took your series sets with you! Luckily the new season started on Friday and I just have to remember to watch them...Thanks for introducing us to such a fun show! You guys are awesome.

The Mortensens said...

Ever thought of being Circus Clowns? Just wondering.