Monday, January 5

two thousand niner

After-Christmas sales shopping
+ gift card dinner at Applebee's
+ ComedySportz improv show
+ Bourne Ultimatum at home
+ this dorky picture =
one HECK of a New Year's Eve

Bring it on, 2009. We're excited.


Sedwick Family said...

I am scared of Doug in this picture.

Jackie said...

Me too, Sedwicks, me too.

The Mortensens said...

Let's party like it's 2009!

(I used to think that by the time 2009 came I would be flying in a space ship - yea I am that lame)

Jackie said...

We watched Back to the Future the other night, and did you know the second movie takes place in 2010 or something?! Flying cars, hoverboards... boy, we're not even close!