Tuesday, January 20

a visitor from the west

This weekend Melanie, a friend/mission companion/fellow lover of Mario Kart, came to visit us. Melanie is from Utah, but she's considering moving eastward so she came to check out Richmond. We drove all around town, toured Monticello (Jefferson's estate in Charlottesville), introduced her to Five Guys, argued over the Wii, played on Belle Isle, and had a delightful time overall.

She came just in time for not only the coldest week Virginia's seen all winter, but also in time for Doug and I to get some nasty colds. So mad props to Melanie for putting up with us!

Thanks again for coming, Anie. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


Jake Spurlock said...

Did you know there is a Five Guys in Salt Lake?

Jackie said...

I heard that! There's apparently a new one in Sandy too.

Enjoy the privilege, UT.

Jukebox said...

I'll have to go up there and check where they get their potatoes. Apparently, they're all from Idaho (the potatoes, not the guys), but what city? That's the question.