Tuesday, January 20

what have I done?!

So it was New Year's Eve. Our mail that we had held while we were out of town arrived in one large lump sum. As we sifted through the bills, Christmas cards, and junk mail, I noticed a bright yellow flier for a 10k in Richmond. Apparently the race goes along some of Richmond's most beautiful streets, bands play along the route, the race raises money for cancer research, and runners often wear hilarious costumes (Chewbacca and Elvis in running shorts?? that's funny!).

As I read it I thought, "Man, this looks kind of fun. This would be really tough for me, but heck, it's almost a new year--I can do this! Freak, I bet I could even get Doug to do this. And come on, it's NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!"

And in our non-alcohol-induced-New-Year's-Eve intoxication, we agreed to do it together and to push each other the whole way.

So when I woke up New Year's Day and--I kid you not--immediately thought to myself, "Oh crap, I do NOT want to run a 10k," it was already too late. Doug was committed, and he was not going to let me talk myself out of it. GREAT.

For those of you that think a 10k (that's 6.2 miles, folks) is baby stuff, I applaud you. And I would love to know how I could trick you into running for me.

But for those of you out there that think running is an awful, twisted form of torture, please know that I am open to your ridicule, your scoffs, and your eye rollings. Because I think we're crazy too.

FYI... We started running a few weeks ago, and we're not dead yet. In fact, it feels kind of good. But we haven't gone even close to 6.2 miles yet, so there's still room to panic. 11 more weeks, to be exact (the race is March 28).


The Mortensens said...

As I sit on the couch eating donuts...I will think of you! You go GIRL!!

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

Go Jackie! I applaud you. While rolling my eyes.

the meyersons said...

We'll come down. I'll drink hot chocolate, Lex will have a donut all while you kill yourself. It'll be GREAT fun.

PLUS, I'm super impressed.

KaSs MiLeS said...

yes i agree, what have you done!!! :0) you're nutso!

Mike and Nicole said...

You can do it Jackie! I can't wait to see how you guys dress up too. :)

Meagan said...

That is awesome. I totally envy you. I had a dream like that once, then it quickly left my thoughts. You can do it. Maybe I will try to attempt a 10K again, who knows, it is a new year, and new resolutions!

whitney said...

dude that rocks! i wish we could do it with you guys!! you guys are going to do great. and even if you still hate running after you cross the finish line, you'll still be so proud of yourself. :)

Stacey said...

I am so tempted to fly out and do this with you. I need a goal to successfully work out for.

Do it!! Do it and feel the success of workin' your butt off and crossin' that finish line. I saw Mt. St. Helens this weekend and it just made me want to set another goal. DO IT!!