Sunday, January 4

a white christmas

The running theme of our Christmas celebrations this year was snow. The PNW (Doug's favorite way to refer to the Pacific Northwest... I'm going to start using it as much as possible) received a crazy amount of snow this holiday season, which made traveling a beast but everything else pretty fun.

Doug headed to the PNW on December 15, but I chose to work a few days more and fly in December 17. We met up at my sister Stacey's house in Oregon, where we rocked the snow world, exchanged some gifts, played a sweet game, hot tubbed in the snow (very cool!) and celebrated half of my birthday.

We then headed up to Washington to the Shafer casa for the rest of the break to enjoy sledding, snow forting (?), baking, movie watching, un-talent showing, bowling, Wii-ing, game playing, and more. It really made for a fab Christmas!
This was a 2-day operation. Long live snow forts made for grown-ups.
The sled run started from the deck. It was serious.

Christmas Eve dinner. Delightful.

These kids got SO excited with the Christmas festivities. Joel was nearly lost inside his stocking.
Carter is either amazed or horrified by his bowling efforts.


Sedwick Family said...

Untalent showing. Huh, now that sounds like something I could get in on, you will have to share the particulars with me.

The Mortensens said...

Looks like a blast and REALLY cold!

Stacey said...

Les ye forget the snow angels made by 3 crazy people during the hot tubbin'. CRAZY!!!