Wednesday, February 4

grocery shopping for 2

Doug and I compromise on a lot of things, but grocery items aren’t one of them. We oft come home from the store with things like this:

Jackie’s bread (multigrain)
Doug’s bread (white)
Doug’s cereal (a/k/a pure sugar)
Jackie’s cereal (a/k/a boring)
Mayo (for him)
Miracle whip (for me)
Dill pickles (for him)
Sweet pickles (for me)

We do compromise on the milk (I like Skim and he likes 2% so we buy 1%), but we both know in an ideal world we’d just buy two milks each week. And we really do refer to it as “Jackie’s bread” and “Doug’s bread.” It keeps the segregation alive.

Some may say this is evidence we’re preserving our personalities in our happy, healthy marriage, but I suspect it’s simply evidence Doug refuses to like delicious things. Either way, that's a lot of bread and cereal.


The Barnos said...

poor dougy. once you have kids you'll be too distracted to buy separate things and you'll only buy what you like and he'll have to eat healthy. we get sugar cereal for the kids as a prize for good behavior, you should try that. :)

Liz Smith said...

hahahahaahaha...that's awesome. jared and i are equally unhealthy in our eating habits so we have no conflicts with our white bread and real mayonaisse.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

This is funny because I side with Doug on all of the foods. I bet it's because that's the food our mom's raised us with! They must have been raised with it too...

janaya said...

brand name expensive yummy better food (for me)
no name cheap yucky worse food (for burton)

the only difference is i don't buy them both at the same time... the first is what comes home with me if i go shopping by myself. the second is what comes home with us if we go shopping together.

AND it took us over a year to have the same bank much less a joint bank account...

preserving our personalities... ya, that's it.

John and Karisa said...

JOHN: Doritos
KARISA: Pringles
JOHN: Vegetables
KARISA: Fruits
JOHN: Tortillas
KARISA: Regular bread
JOHN & KARISA: Cookie Dough ice cream

We meet in the middle for the ice cream, but we like to preserve our identities for everything else.

n8, kris10, and scout said...

It could be worse. You could write your name on your groceries with a black Sharpie marker (like in the college days with your roommates!) At least you know you will have cereal in the morning!

Traci M said...

Yeah, Kurt and I had the mayonnaise/Miracle Whip conflict going on for a while (Kurt is the M.W. junky, except he likes mayonnaise on some things and Miracle Whip on others). Now we buy the Kraft mayonnaise with Olive Oil, which Kurt likes better than mayo.

li'l mil said...

The Hub puts his name on his leftovers. I think that pretty much sums us up.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

I am laughing soooooooo hard! AFter 14 1/2 years of marriage we STILL buy 2 jars of pickles!! Luckily we have 5 kids now and I want them to be healthy! Plus I do all the shopping so the cereal/bread issue is no longer. So basically I win! If he does a Costco run he usually comes home with enough junk to bypass all the healthiness we have here!

(yea...I eat it too, don't you judge me)

KaSs MiLeS said...

that totally sounds like us!! he likes the captain crunch, i like the healthy stuff, he likes the white bread, i like the wheat bread. it makes life a little bit harder. :0)