Friday, February 6

running fools

Well, we haven’t given up on this crazy 10k idea yet. Our very very loose training schedule consists of running at least 3 times a week. We started the year as non-runners, so we wanted to be able to run 2 miles by the end of January, 4 by the end of February, and 6 by the end of March.

I’m happy to report that we met our January goal. Thanks to the chilliness that is Richmond in January, we’ve been running on treadmills mostly. We did run outside last Saturday, and those 2 outdoor miles—to put it lightly—SUCKED. But I experienced that weird, twisted runner’s high afterwards and kinda liked the whole experience. I’ve even found myself looking forward to running on some days. Yeah, it’s NUTS.

Our iPod has become my soulmate as I run, and I’m discovering which songs to use at different treadmill speeds: “Survivor” for 5.3 MPH, “Let’s Get it Started” for 5.7 MPH, etc… I can put together a spreadsheet for you if you’d like.

So it turns out there is something good about (a) exercise and (b) achieving personal goals. I’m by no means a running fool yet, but with the continued encouragement of Doug, Destiny’s Child, and Gerry the guy that runs our complex’s gym, I just may be converted soon.


the Allers said...

If you are converted, I'm not sure that we can be friends. I mean, Jack, its running. I feel like Dr. Mario would be much more beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Also - I have the same speed for Destiny's Child.

heather said...

I don't think I've ever told you how much I love reading your blog!! You constantly crack me up, and I'm always telling Ryan, "Hey - come read this! It'll make you laugh!" So thank you for the good times. :)

And about the running - keep it up!! I have never been a runner before either - but while we lived in UT we decided to train for a half marathon. The training was literally horrible - Ry had to drag me out every week for our long run. I just hated it! But then, the day of the race, that weird twisted runner's high hit me times a hundred!! The race was awesome, and I loved it so much! Just the energy rush from doing it with so many other people - the big day - it was great! Loved it so much in fact, that I'm registering for another here in Ohio for May. Yikes ... hope this training is a little better. :)

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Running? What is that?