Wednesday, May 6

enough about you... what about me?

Doug and I went to Kinkos the other day to send a fax. As I was signing my receipt, the girl at the register asked me when the big day was. I looked at her blankly until I realized she must think we’re engaged because I don’t wear a wedding band. I said, “Oh, we’re actually married. Not wearing a wedding band makes it hard...”

At which point she cut me off and said something about her fiance. Doug and I politely took the bait and asked questions about when she was getting married, and she volunteered all this information about her engagement and her husband-to-be.

After we had walked out the door, Doug asked me if I thought the girl was being very Michael Scott-ish:
Jan: Hello, Michael.
Michael: Hey, you.
Jan: I'm... returning your call, you said it was urgent.
Michael: It is urgent, I just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.
Jan: Well, today's not my birthday, so...
Michael: Really? 'Cause, I thought we had the same birthday.
Jan: [Pause] Happy birthday, Michael.
Michael: Thanks.

Good eye, Doug, good eye.


the meyersons said...

I wish "That's what she said." fit in here somewhere, we are.

Also the security word I have to type in the leave a comment is "bodood."

janaya said...

can't a girl just wear a huge diamond and call it good?! people, please!

am i bitter about the time my aunt-in-law dropped the not so subtle... "how will anyone know you're married?" hint? ... nooo. back off!

and yes, so michael scott. so every girl. "you have such great taste in clothes... no YOU have such great taste in clothes... why, thank you."

Alyson said...

That is so classic. I love it people like that. They are so much fun.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Haaaaa! I needed that! Our waitress yesterday was commenting on how cute Reagan was (I mean hello - she is sooooo cute) and then the ranting began on her two kids and how much work they are blah blah blah. Dan listened patiently for a few minutes. (he was so hungry) He then told her we had 5 kids and not just the two with us. Shut her up and we were able to finish our now cold meal! Good times...made me giggle for the rest of the day.

Lindy said...

I can only hope that Michael Scarn can work this scenario into one of his spy movies.

KaSs MiLeS said...

oh throw up. i hate people like that, its like, if you want to talk about, say so! i don't wear a wedding band either and some sick gross creepy guy at wendy's asked how "tied" down i was. oh barf!

The Barnos said...

doug is very intuitive.
and he coaches chase's sports class. or that is what he thinks at least...

whitney said...