Monday, August 31

don't quit our day jobs

That's what we learned from laser tag this weekend. No matter how many times I play, I will always be the idiot who doesn't really know what's she's doing.

Thursday, August 27

i'm sorry, what?!

Have you heard about KFC's new Double Down Chicken "Sandwich"? Bacon, cheese, and 2 chicken breasts instead of bread.

What the what?!

Thanks to foodgeekery for finding this treasure.

I wish I could have been in this KFC pitch meeting... "See chicken is BETTER than bread! No carbs! This is practically a health food! And just think of all the grease you can get directly on your hands."

Wednesday, August 26


Number of times today I've heard new guy who sits across from me openly burp: 2

Do I work in an office or on a construction site?

Monday, August 24

if you'd like to change your life...

Please consume the most delicious strawberry cupcakes you shall ever encounter.

Our friend Jessie has made these twice for us, and we're pretty certain we'll never be the same. That's also why we give her recipe blog 6 thumbs up (the Mooch has thumbs now too, you know)... check it out--she updates it almost daily with killer recipes.

Picture shamelessly stolen from her blog, but I'm hoping she won't mind.

checking out fort harrison: evidence my husband loves me

On Saturday we visited Fort Harrison, one of the many Civil War battlefields in the Richmond area. This was a Confederate stronghold that was lost to the Union in 1864, towards the end of the war. It was so close to Richmond (the capital of the Confederacy), that Lee personally tried to win it back. The Union soldiers that left this fort were the first to march on Richmond in 1865, and found the city evacuated and burning. The gain of Richmond was a key to the end of the Civil War.

Still awake?

We walked around both the Confederate and Union lines. We couldn't believe some of the gigantic trenches they dug by hand. Doug was also impressed with a gigantic spider near the trail (hey, whatever it takes to make him willing to go to places like that with me). As always, we were impressed and humbled.

Thursday, August 20

the battle of the thermostat

Doug and I are waging a war over the air conditioning in our apartment.

We’re spoiled rotten and pay a flat fee each month for our utilities. That means that running the AC isn’t a financial concern for us, nor is it an environmental concern (although wasting energy really causes my inner hippie serious guilt). Such freedom leaves us to lead a quiet yet significant battle day after day.

The Doug side:
The house should be freezing cold at all times. The thermostat should be set at negative a million from May to September.

The Jackie side:
We both like summer in part because it's warm. No need for layers or parkas. Ideal! So I like to enjoy such warmth while I can. I don't want to wear shorts outside and then walk around with a blanket on inside. I’m all for setting it to a cool temperature during the night (who can sleep when they’re hot and sweaty?), but it just makes sense to shoot for a pleasant temperature during the day.

We set it to a cooler temp during the night, but before I leave for work in the morning I turn it back up again. And when Doug gets home from school, he sets it back down. And when I get home from work, I casually shift it up a nudge. Then sometimes later in the evening he’ll change it without a word, so like a responsible adult I casually change it again. It's another instance of our lives mimicking an Office episode, and it's the work of only the most mature and responsible people.

I’m guessing we’ll break the thermostat by the end of the week.

Tuesday, August 18


fruits of our labors


We've been enjoying some smaller tomatoes and green beans for a while, but the Roma tomatoes have been taking their sweet time. But they're ripening, and they're sweet indeed.

Sunday, August 16

.2 seconds of fame...

On Saturday Doug got to be part of a M.O.M. (Mission of Mercy) project through the dental school. He and some other students went to a community health fair in Richmond. He got to check the teeth of a boatload of little kids, looking for any problem areas and teaching them proper brushing. He l-o-v-e-d it. Nice to actually feel like a dentist from time to time.

And to top it all off, he made the evening news. We didn't see it, but a few people in the ward told us he made it on-screen for less than a second. But hey--he was there.

Thursday, August 13

problems with authority?

Doug and I stopped by Subway last night for a quick dinner. When we pulled in, there were four cop cars parked outside, and when we went inside the only other customers in there were four policemen. They smiled politely and didn't even pull a gun on us, but we couldn't get over how guilty and self-conscious we both felt the whole time. It was like the "COPS" song was playing on repeat and we were waiting for them to arrest us for requesting too many napkins or not finishing our sandwiches. Talk about paranoia!

Why is that?

Tuesday, August 11

Irrational Thoughts

Jackie would premise this post with the fact that I always have to be reminded to read our blog.

That being said, ever since this blog thing has come into our lives I have occasional moments of suspicion towards Jackie. My mind tells me that she is being sneaky. This is primarily because of the many times where someone has come up to me and commented about something that recently happened to Jackie and I that I had no idea we had told anybody. These events arouse my suspicion that Jackie is covertly telling the world everything that happens to us.

And truthfully I don't care. I actually love that Jackie keeps the blog well updated, but my mind evidently does care because it reacts to people's well meaning interest in my life by saying, "Hey, there's no way that you should know that that just happened!" Luckily I quickly remember that Jackie really is telling the world about our lives and these people just want to share in our joys, tears, illuminations, and laughters.

So thank you Jackie for being so sharing. Thank you friends for being so interested. And thank you brain to remember that it is okay for some people to know things about me before I do.

Jackie, I will do better about reading our own posts.

the revenge of the bladder

Dear bladder,

Just the other day I was telling a friend that--to my surprise--I wasn't hitting up the bathroom more since getting pregnant. The doctor wasn't concerned, so I boasted I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have to feel owned by her bladder for 9 months.

But, dear bladder, you obviously heard me say that, because these past few days you have clearly been carrying out your revenge. I doubted your ability to be this annoying, so please accept my apologies.


J. Shafer

Monday, August 10

let's be accurate...

I'm all for giving credit where credit is due, so allow me to present the real version of "Hey Ya" that was on Scrubs:

After our last post, somebody reminded us that the character Ted (actor Sam Lloyd) really is singing in that episode. (But I'm pretty sure he's doing a cover of Obadiah Parker's cover. I think.)

But Ted's version ain't on iTunes, so in that respect... Ted: 0, Obadiah Parker: 1.

Friday, August 7

hey ya

We first heard this song on a Scrubs episode a few months ago, and thanks to Richard we figured out who sings it.

So enjoy my song of the day: an acoustic cover of “Hey Ya” by Obadiah Parker. Beautiful voice, bushy beard.

Tuesday, August 4

new tackle box

For fishing tackle? Heavens no... for dental tools. Duh.

Year 2 of dental school started last week, and Doug's a happy camper so far. He'll start having regular time in the clinic this year, and he's thrilled. I just hope his future patients are as excited as he is. :)

Monday, August 3

we came, we pied, we conquered

Huh, it worked. And it wasn't bad. And, 24 hours later, we're still alive!

Note to self: You can feel farm-like even in an apartment. Thanks, tree out front and super-simple pie crust recipe.