Saturday, October 31

happy halloween!

From the Headless Horseman, young Michael Jackson, and the Shafers.

Friday, October 30

i dare you... watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and not cry your eyes out.

I just dare you.

Wednesday, October 28

H1N1 meets the Shafers

This is a longy, but some people have asked for the scoop and here it is:

The last full day of our vacation (Friday), both Doug and I started to feel really tired and uncomfortable. I’d started losing my voice the day before (Thursday), but didn’t really start to feel crappy until that next day. We enjoyed a day at the beach with the fam, but when we went back to our room to shower the other flu symptoms hit us really suddenly. We spent that night in our room with the chills, body aches, and fevers (we didn’t have a thermometer, but I’m pretty certain we were feverish).

We’d heard that there were others in the family (including a baby niece) and the vicinity who’d been told by doctors they had swine flu, so I had a bit of a meltdown worrying what this was doing to the Mooch. But it just felt like an annoying flu, and it never did feel out of control. It wasn’t more painful, more uncomfortable, or more interesting than a flu.

I considered visiting the doctor on the ship, but I couldn’t deny that I really didn’t feel THAT bad. With the help of a priesthood blessing, we decided that if I didn’t feel better the next day, we’d visit a clinic once we were back on land just to be sure all was well.

Both of us felt better the next day (Saturday). We still had to drive 11 hours from Orlando back home (ugh), so we decided we’d get a hotel and find a clinic somewhere if we needed to. But we ended up making the whole drive that day. It was long and miserable, but we felt so much better than the night before. We knew H1N1 could be really dangerous for pregnant women, so we called a doctor back in Richmond along the way. We were told that I only needed to come in that day if I wasn’t keeping food down or if I had a long, lingering fever. They didn’t seem too worried about it, even knowing I was pregnant.

I didn’t seem to have a fever at all that day and I was keeping food and water down fine, but we saw a doctor the next day (Sunday) just to make sure I was okay. We even got to wear masks in the waiting room. They did a throat test for strep and a nasal test for the flu. The flu test came back positive, and I asked the doctor, “So that's the seasonal flu?” And she casually said, “Oh no, it’s probably the swine flu.” Oh. Good to know.

She really didn’t seem to think it was a problem. My body seemed to be handling it fine, getting rid of it on my own. The doctor’s only concern was watching for pneumonia, so she prescribed me an antiobiotic. She also said stay away from other people until it’s been 24 hours after the last fever (which had probably been Friday night, maybe early Saturday morning).

I had a regular appointment with my OB the next morning, and he wasn’t worried about it either. He told me to rest, drink fluids, and look for signs of pneumonia. He said for 99% of the population, the swine flu is just going to be a flu. The other 1% need to be alert and aware of their bodies, but there’s no reason to panic.

So in our experience? The swine flu is a flu. It’s not fun, but no flu is. Even pregnant, the medical professionals around me were not worried either. Fortunately my body was fighting it itself, and it was doing a fine job (thanks, body).

I realize we were really blessed and I’d hate to ask for some tragic twist of fate, but I think most of us need to stop letting H1N1 scare us so much. The media knows this is a great story (because a new flu is noteworthy, after all), but I think they’re abusing the system and only pointing out the worst cases out there. I seriously doubt the media is giving us a fair sampling of how most people will react to this.

So keep washing your hands, listen to your doctors, get the vaccine, and don’t freak out. That’s what we learned.

Tuesday, October 27

parking for expectant mothers

6 months into my pregnancy, I find out Capital One has several parking spots reserved for expectant mothers.

Oh how I wasted these past 6 months!

Monday, October 26

the zombie family

The word of the night was "disturbing."

Yes, we wore this to a church Halloween party. And yes, I told people all night, "This was Doug's idea!"

But how can you say no to a guy that loves Halloween this much?!

(This was his face at the Howl-o-scream at Busch Gardens a few weeks ago)

Saturday, October 24

it's halloween time

And we couldn't be happier.

Let the costuming, haunted music, and choreographed dances begin!

Wednesday, October 21

white coat ceremony

While Doug's friends and classmates were celebrating their White Coat Ceremony this way or that way, Doug took a different approach.

The improvised ceremony:

We're sorry he missed the chance to be there with his class, but we're glad we could still celebrate his dentalness and all of his hard work.

Plus, who doesn't love a sand tooth?

more of the magic

The snorkeling machine. With a sanddollar.

Pirate night. Obviously.

Jack Sparrow?

Just hanging out by the pool, watching a movie.

Can you tell Uncle Doug is loved?

On Disney's own personal island. Yes, Disney owns an island. Freak.
Mickey never did let us steer...

Sunday, October 18

souvenirs from a magical vacation

- Fun Dunlop-style family memories
- "Tans" (our versions, anyway)
- Sweet seashells
- Sand, sand, and more sand (where will I find it next?!)
- Easily 10 pounds each
- Disney paraphernalia we'll brainwash the Mooch to love
and last but not least...
- the Swine Flu


(We've been to the doctor and Doug and I are already on the mend.)

Thanks for making this dreamy trip possible, Dunlop Crew, plagues and all!

All 26 of us. Boo ya.

Wednesday, October 7

how 'bout them apples


went here to pick apples

with these folks (pretend this is a nice group shot)

so we could do delicious things such as this:

And it was magical.

Tuesday, October 6

you're not a good parent unless your child's bed costs more than your car

I'd l-o-v-e to meet the parents that actually drop this kind of cash on their kid's bed. And then I'd like to slap them.

Oh, and I love the description on this one. I'd laugh in the Mooch's face if she asked to be showered in layers of tulle, sparkling crystals and pink, pink and more pink. For $7,000.

Monday, October 5

how to become a super model

1. Get hired by Provo Craft as a writer/editor.
2. Get assigned a desk by the graphic designers and photographers.
3. Get sucked into one camera shoot after another because they know it's cheaper to use innocent employees instead of hired models.

Done and done.

And those stock shots they took all those years ago just keep coming back, such as on the new website for Roberts. I hope the fame and fortune (?) never stop, because this just may be my greatest legacy.

Thursday, October 1

running, running, and more running

Doug’s brother, Ben, has been trying to convince Doug to run a marathon with him for a while now. Doug’s always been able to laugh it off, because it’s no secret… Doug HATES running. I consider the fact that he did last spring's 10k an absolute miracle.

But a few months ago, Ben brought it up again. And apparently he caught Doug in a weak moment…

because Doug said yes.


I know! He’s been running like a maniac every week since. He’s been super committed to his training schedule (I’m quite impressed), and he’s already up to running 16 miles. It’s insane.

So come November, Ben and Whitney are headed to the Confederacy to run the Richmond Marathon. And Doug, bless his heart, will be joining them for all 26.2 miles.

Crazy, crazy, crazy...