Monday, November 30

a successful movember

Movember has come and gone. Thanks to all that helped raise awareness and donations for men's health. Even if you weren't able to participate, there's still time to make a donation to Doug's team Moustache McMij. All donations go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Men's health is important to everyone, but it's recently affected our family significantly. They found prostate cancer in my dad earlier this year, and he underwent surgery this summer. His surgeon was one of the best in the country, and the robotic surgery he had was ahead of its time. We wish it had ended there, but he's now undergoing radiation treatment and we're all praying it's successful.

When Doug heard about Movember, he jumped at the opportunity to support the research and education that help men like my dad. So if you can spare a few dollars, take a moment to donate now (every cent counts).

Thanks again to all who supported us! You looked fine, men, but we'll sure miss the 'staches. Sorta.
Pic stolen from Alicia's blog.

Sunday, November 29

john jones

When the passing of celebrities gets so much attention, I think it'd be extremely unfair to overlook the passing of someone as admirable as John Jones. John was in our ward in Utah, and Doug and I immediately identified him and his wife Emily as some of the most celestial people we knew. They're the type of people you can't help but love and want to be like. John was a kind, funny, sincere, Christ-like, faithful person. I'm sure he'd be so embarrassed to hear this, but he seriously embodied goodness. You just don't encounter people like him every day.

He died in a tragic accident this week, leaving behind a beautiful wife, a daughter, and a baby on the way. Our hearts ache for his family, and we hope you'll remember them in your prayers. I also hope you'll all hold your family a little longer today, recognizing how blessed we are just to be together.

You can read more here and here.

Wednesday, November 25

a day of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Hope it's a great one.

Tuesday, November 24

serious guilt...

Does anyone else feel guilty when their Pandora pops up the message "Are you still listening? We hate to play to an empty room"?

I know I get to listen to them for free, yet they have to pay for every song they play. They must HATE it when people just leave their Pandora going. And if I really have stepped away from my computer and I come back and get that message, I feel like I owe them an explanation. It was an accident? I'm just careless? I'm an awful person?

No matter the situation, I'm sorry, Pandora. I'll try to be more responsible in the future.

Monday, November 23

I'm... 28? 27?

I just realized that I told someone the other day that I'm 28. I'm 27 for another month.

What the...?

Thursday, November 19

a shafer weekend

We had a blast with Ben, Whitney, and boys this weekend. Nothing like Shafers joining forces with other Shafers... so, so glad they could come! Here are the highlights:

- Loving these boys

- Getting hooked on the Wii (what else would you do after a marathon?)

- Playing with old friends (who'd ever thought we'd all meet up in Richmond??)

- Playing at the park
We call this the Thomas Kinkade shot. Not bad, eh?
Good times.

one heck of an anniversary gift

Another photo shoot with the Mooch.

They had to check out some things at my appointment yesterday, so it gave us another chance to see her. It made me melt just seeing her squishy little face. She's doing well and is so far a big girl. Bring on the chubbiness.

Wednesday, November 18

the power of 3

3 years of marriage
in 2009
on November 18
when we're age 27,
just months before we
get our 3rd team member.

I'm loving the power of 3.

Happy anniversary, babe.

Saturday, November 14

the marathoners

Taken seconds after finishing...

They did it in just under 4 hours. Friggin' amazing.

Good weather (overcast and a little rain), great company (they mostly stayed together), and impressive self-discipline (nobody gave up and puked).


You even enjoy Doug's finish below (I was standing just a little before the finish line). Please ignore my obnoxious, shrill voice. I was excited and emotional, okay?

Oh, and Ben and Whit were 50 seconds behind him, and I totally missed them. I'm an idiot.

Wednesday, November 11

growing out your bangs is not for the weak

When I was 12 and ready to grow my bangs out for the first time, my mom told me it was a big commitment. I doubted her, but I was wrong then and I'm wrong again.

Will they ever stop driving me crazy?!

Tuesday, November 10

26.2 miles of smiles

This Saturday Doug finally runs the Richmond Marathon, which claims to be America's Friendliest Marathon. "It's 26.2 miles of smiles!"

We'll see who's really smiling all that way.

For the record, I'm proud to the max of this guy--he's stuck with his training schedule for several months now, which is amazing since he still expresses in detail just how much he hates running. His self-discipline astounds me. He's worked so hard for this, and as much as he claims he'll never run again, he really is excited to do it. It's a freaking sweet accomplishment, and he loves that he gets to do it with Ben and Whitney.

So here's to running and succeeding and smiling and not puking along the way! Go get 'em, champ.

Monday, November 9


Do you know what's awesome?

Wearing those maternity pants with the hot, navy blue cover on your stomach, and realizing you can see that hot, navy blue cover through your light-colored shirt.

Soooo awesome.

Saturday, November 7

see? we don't have to be disturbing

Sometimes we're downright heroic.

Jackie Chan + Indiana Jones
I think our other costumes worried some folks. Including my mother. On the actual day of Halloween, we took a more conventional route. No need to call in the therapists.

You call him Docta Jones, doll.

Wednesday, November 4


Prostate cancer recently hit close to home in our family, so we'd like to invite you to all participate in raising funds for men's health this Movember, the month formerly known as November.

What can you do?
1. Gentlemen (and, ahem, some ladies?) can start growing a mustache today and let it go all month. You can join Doug's Movember team (Moustache McMij) and as people ask what's up with the creepy, pedophile mustache, you can direct them to the team site.
2. Gentlemen, ladies, and one and all can donate on Doug's Movember team site. All funds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).

This is a semi-late invitation to start growing a 'stache, but it's quite simple to join now and get the party started. We'd love for you all to get involved!

If you have questions, shoot them our way or visit

Tuesday, November 3

hi fall

We love seeing you.

A semi-lame picture taken at the University of Richmond. Gorgeous campus.

Pretend you can capture how freaking sweet the trees look around here these days, okay? Thanks.

Monday, November 2

almost go time

12 days until Doug's marathon.

After running 20 miles on Saturday, Doug said to me, "This is hell. If I were in hell, I'd be running."

You're almost done, babe. Almost done...