Friday, May 28

she loves me, she loves me not

Addy did me the honor of trying out the dress I was blessed in.

But then on Sunday at church she managed to show me how she really feels about me and my clothing.

I get it, Addy.

sweet home alabama

Alabama may not be where I grew up, but there's still nothing like going "home" to mom and dad's.

Addy got some lovin',

Doug found his happy places,

and my parents helped us do a bunch of projects, including an amazing jewelry box that Doug made for me with the help of my dad.

Unfortunately my tool-loving dad got sliced by his table saw, and it made a crappy day even crappier. But he's a champ and we appreciate him plugging along despite the stitches, bandages, and pain.

The NASA Space Center up in Huntsville was awesome. It was so cool to see some of the real-deal rockets, moon rovers, and even a space shuttle! Like, from space!

Plus Doug and I got to dominate the Space Camp kids on a climbing wall (SUCKAS!).

Love you, 'Bama, and love you mom and dad!

Thursday, May 27

back from bama

We spent a week in Alabama visiting my parents, playing outside, and seeing the Space Center. Just the usual.

More pics to come!

Monday, May 17


I just love this gal, gigantic bow and all!

Sunday, May 16

topsy turvy

Having a garden just got nerdier.

Meet the Topsy Turvy. The green one houses an upside down tomato plant, and the red one has a bunch of strawberry plants. They're bizarre. You plant the plants like that (the tomato is UPSIDE down... ca-razy!) and apparently it rock stars the growing potential. I've heard enough good things about it that I was willing to try it.

We're fully aware it looks dorky, but with a porch as "classy" as ours, we figured they fit right in.

Friday, May 14

a conversation we apparently had at 1 a.m. last night

Doug wakes up and Addy is crying SUPER hard
Doug: Is she hungry?
Jackie: NO.
Doug: So you fed her?
Jackie: YEAH.

Doug gets up and gets Addy. She's clearly starving and it's pretty obvious I haven't fed her.

Doug: Are you sure she's eaten? She looks really hungry.
Jackie: She hasn't eaten yet.

And then I got up and fed her.


So... I'm guessing I was tired last night.

Wednesday, May 12

it's that time of year again

Today Addy and I joined Doug whilst he fished on the James River. It was beautiful, but the wildlife just about did Addy and I in (red ants on my neck? UNACCEPTABLE).

Between my girlyness and the mediocre spot we picked, Doug only had time to catch one of these guys.

He's hoping for a fish next time.

Sunday, May 9

Many Mothers' Day!

Doug here... What a great day. We get to celebrate one of the things that make women so special. Granted it's not like us men need a special day to remind us to treat our wives/mothers well. I mean, come are probably the most responsible, caring, giving and selfless beings on the, no my bad. That would be women. I know that that is a blanket statement and many feminists in the world would like to execute me for pretending that women are any different than men, but hey I have my reasons.

Example number one: A friend has a bad day
Jackie's response: Feel awful for said friend and cry for them.
Doug's response: Think of nice ways to tell said friend that there is no reason to cry, and to buck up.

Example number two: Addy is crying
Jackie's response: Run to make sure what is wrong and assume that Addy is feeling bad and needs comfort.
Doug's response: Comfort Addy because her crying is making him frustrated.

Example number three: Baby sleeps in own room in crib.
Jackie's response: Keep monitor on at all times so we can hear everything and react before Addy reaches breaking point
Doug's desire: Turn monitor off and sound proof door so we can rest easy until Addy has passed breaking point and cries are now loud enough for us to hear.

Shall I go on?

Though I really do try to show Jackie how amazing she is often, I relish the fact where we nationally recognize women's greatness and importance in our (us men) individual lives and the country/world as a whole.

Jackie is an amazing woman with many talents, the most recent of which has lately come to bud, that is the talent of mother. She is a natural. She is so good with and wonderful to Addy. Addy is a lucky girl to have a mother who is so deeply in love with her. Jackie is devoted to keeping Addy healthy and safe. She is devoted to making Addy happy. And anyone who has seen recent pictures know how devoted Jackie is to keeping Addy fat.

Jackie is good about reading/telling scripture stories to Addy. I am grateful that Jackie wants to teach Addy to come to know the Savior. In today's world there is no greater acquaintance that we can have. God is important to Jackie. He has helped make her who she is and I would say that he has done a heaven of a good job. (yes, I know that was the ultimate of cheesy, but I said it nonetheless) Jackie rocks my and Addy's world.

And I would be a fool to forget the first mother in my life. I have a mother who has completely and absolutely devoted her everything to the care and raising of her children. She is the woman who taught me how to love, and I wish that I was not only just starting to learn the trait. Her joy is very much based on her children. She is a faithful woman who painstakingly taught me and my siblings the principles of righteous living that allow me the happiness that I feel today. I have experienced all of the joys that I have experienced because my mother helped form me into the man I am today. She is amazing. I love you, Mom.

And I would be a double fool if I forgot the mother of my wife. I have to be grateful for the top notch job that Joyce did with Jackie. She has created a champion wife and mother. It follows suit that Jackie's qualities are a mirror of the years she spent being shaped and molded by such a good woman and Joyce Dunlop. Than you very much that Joyce. I love you.

I am just glad that I married a woman who exemplifies those same characteristics.

Please enjoy the photographic documentation of said characteristics.

Yes, this is a barf bag. And yes, it was used.

Talk about truly sacrificing your body

Just being beautiful.

Appreciation for all living things. (Jackie would exclude snakes, but I say especially snakes)

Teaching life long learning

Saturday, May 8

make 'em laugh

44 seconds of delicious Addy laughter.

And here's a shout out to all the women out there this Mother's Day! Whether you have your own kids or not, I'm grateful to all you that mother, smooch, and work to get the job done. I'll be the first to say the women in our families deserve trophies for all they do. Love your faces!

Tuesday, May 4


One of the best parts of the day is getting Addy ready for bed. Doug and I do it together, so it's nice to have some time for the three of us when the Mooch is happy and we're all feeling chill. Plus, we can make fun of her bald spot and she doesn't seem to mind.