Friday, July 16

a hair cut

About 8 or 10 hairs to be exact.

They were freakishly longer than all her other hairs, so we decided to trim them off. It took me several weeks to be okay with it, but the second I was cool with it Doug had the scissors in hand. Doug was pleased, and Addy was... patient.

Thursday, July 8

allergy testing

Get my inhaler and my pocket protector... I've definitely got allergies.

I did some allergy testing today and it turns out I'm allergic to pretty much the whole world. From corn and tomatoes to oak trees and Bermuda grass, I showed a reaction to almost everything they tested. They gave me probably 50 pricks, looking for allergies to foods (beef, onions, cinnamon, almonds, and on and on) and inhalants (trees, grass, weeds, molds, pets, yada, yada, yada). Fortunately chocolate, oats, and a few other foods they tested for are a-okay, but I have some trickiness with all the others. (Trust me, I shed some tears for the tomatoes.)

Really, my levels could be worse. But my highest levels by far were for molds and dust mites. And considering the old apartment we live in, we're feeling confident we're narrowing down the culprits for my last 7 months of torture.

I only met with the nurse today, so I'll have to wait a little while to meet with the doctor to create a game plan. Do we need to move? Are allergy shots the only way to get relief? Will I ever EVER stop coughing? That's what we're wondering.

But in the mean time, we're going to look into moving me into a bubble. I'll be sure to bring my pocket protector in with me.

more fourth stuff

Besides making Addy laugh hysterically for Independence Day, we also hit up a local festival, saw a pretty sweet fireworks show, BBQed, and made Addy look like a flag.

We sure do like our country. :)

Tuesday, July 6

birthday boy

Today this guy turns the big 2-8. He's chock full of talents, he shows us how to love everyone, and he kills spiders for us. He deserves a killer birthday.

Love you, babe!

Monday, July 5

a july 4th success

There's just nothing funnier than pop-its. Except maybe Addy laughing at them.

Hope you had a great fourth!