Tuesday, August 31

save the rubber ducky!

Do any of you have tips for preventing bath toys from getting moldy?

We squeeze all the water out each time and store it out of the tub, but is that enough?

(Yes, this is the type of stuff I'm blogging about these days. Aren't you glad you're reading?)

Monday, August 30

a day in DC

We planned a last minute trip up to the temple on Saturday, so we decided to hit up a few of the Smithsonian museums while we were there--the Museum of American History and Air and Space Museum.

Fortunately we also happened to come on the anniversary of MLK, Jr.'s speech in Washington D.C. plus a Glen Beck rally, so there were about one zillion people there. But we got a sweet parking spot and we enjoyed the people watching, so we didn't mind.

Addy considering a future career path.

We loved all the pop culture stuff. A lot.

I hope Doug's future dental chairs look just like this

The Spirit of St. Louis... that flew across an ocean?!

The weather was great and we loved just taking our time walking around the National Mall.

We give this summer day four stars.

Thursday, August 26

why she's so chunky

What can I say? The girl likes to eat.

PS- I was feeling sick-sick-sick last night, so her dad opted to feed her in the exersaucer. Oh, Doug...

Tuesday, August 24

rock 'n' roll

This girl is rolling. Finally.

After months of almost rolling, it's go time. We're pretty sure she did it yesterday while we weren't watching, and then today she did it again super incognito. I put her on her back to play with some toys, turned to the computer, heard her fuss, and then turned around and she was on her stomach. Holla! She looked just as surprised as me!

Who knew I could be so proud of a skill set like this, but oh man we are.

Sunday, August 22

we had visitors

2 Lexis, 2 Lucys, 1 stretchy Travis, and 1 hobbit Jenn.

We had a great time (but did I have to tell you that?).

Tuesday, August 17


Some people have asked for an update, so here it is: I still have allergies.

But they're better. I hope. Virginia is one of the worst states for allergies (son of a gun!), so our West Coast extravaganza did give my lungs a chance to heal a bit. Since coming back to the VA, however, the congestion and nasal voice have definitely returned. I haven't had a coughing fit, though, so I have my fingers crossed... perhaps I'm on the mend.

I've started exercising again, but my lung capacity is still horrible (the nurse was NOT impressed with my numbers). But I've noticed that I can go a little bit longer each time until my chest gets tight or I get short of breath, so that's encouraging.

Our apartment still seems to be a culprit (the mold, the dust mites, the oldness), but we're trying geeky things like hypoallergenic pillow and mattress covers, filters, and lots and lots of vacuuming. I'm trying some new medicines and I'm still trying to avoid some different foods to see if any of them affect me. I even finished yet another antibiotic (my fifth or sixth of the year) to treat yet another sinus infection, and of course... it didn't seem to work. (What else is new?)

But at least I'm sleeping more, I'm learning how to manage my looong list of allergies, and Addy has stopped doing her fake cough so often.

PS- One other anti-allergy step we've taken is sending our houseplants outside. But these peace lillies are like pets to me... pets that I got before we were even married and that we brought with us from Utah and that freaking THRIVED in our apartment here in Virginia. Shoot man, we even NAMED them. And now Igor and Froderick are sitting on our back porch and burning in the scorching heat. So if any locals want to give them a place to live, please oh please let me know.

Monday, August 16

half a year

Do you know it's already been over half a year since Addy joined our ranks?

This girl simply rocks our world, and we feel so grateful for her and all her shenanigans.

Scooting around in her crib? Check.

Sitting up all the time like a champ? Check.

Eating veggies and tolerating the experience? Check.

Rolling over? Uh... Uncheck. But she's sure close. But she's been that close for like 2 months, so... we're hoping she rolls over by the time she goes to college.

Love that girl!

Friday, August 13


It's stuff like this that made me make Doug watch So You Think You Can Dance with me this season.

And guess what? Alex (the Asian guy) is a ballet dancer. Unbelievable.

(And Ellen's version of this was freaking awesome too.)

Tuesday, August 10

la vacación: part 3

And last but not least, we headed down to Oregon for a partial-Dunlop reunion! We sure missed my parents and my sister Jenn's family, but the rest of the crew gathered for a camping, boating festivus at Billy Chinook in central Oregon.

Ben and Dan brought their boats ("Red Neck calling White Trash"), and we loved cruising with these babies.

The lake is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous... the rocks surrounding were so cool and we loved spying waterfalls, mountain goats, and caves along the way.

And check out Mt. Jefferson in the background. Pretty sweet.

The days were HOT and the water was "refreshing."

We all took turns playing (tubing was the most popular event), but Doug loved getting quality wakeboarding time.

Ben even taught him how to wake surf. They stand on a smallish surfboard with no bindings, and hang out on the wake right behind the boat. Ca-ra-zy.

And Addy? She was such a good girl, swimming when possible and finally accepting the discomfort that is the life jacket.

It was a great blend of camping and lake time. So fun.

Saturday, August 7

la vacación: part 2

Next we headed up to Washington to be with Doug's fam. We started the visit off with a definite bang--I had the flu (ever thrown up on a plane? now I have!) and Doug had strep throat. Doug's strep seemed to last forever, so we're bummed he felt drained for so many days while we were there. But once all the sickness passed, the playing began...

Boating time.

This girl SCREAMED every time we put her life jacked on, so when the big kids stopped to swim she was thrilled to take off the life jacket and enjoy the towel basket.

Marshmallow guns. Pure genius.

Evenings on the porch. (And meeting another one of her aunts!)

Catching stupid snakes.

Taking pictures of Addy with stupid snakes when Jackie wasn't around. (She looks amazingly cute despite the circumstances, no?)

Napping and relaxing. (Mason got his cast off while we were there... a big moment!)

Introducing Addy to her first solids.

Apparently rice cereal ain't bad!

Watching TV with Grandpa Mike.

Feeling the love from the cousins.

Such a fun time!

Friday, August 6

la vacación: part 1

Doug had a break from school for most of July, so we planned a West Coast extravaganza to visit family, family, and more family.

So enjoy part 1: la California.

Neither Addy or I had ever met Doug's grandparents (pathetic, no?), so it was fabulous to meet his cute, hilarious grandma and grandpa. We also got to stay with Ben and Whit and then visit with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We were only there a few days, but it was great... I mean, who doesn't love sunny California?

Wednesday, August 4

giant baby

We've been out of town for a few weeks, and this big girl has been busy growing into a giant:
- She started sitting up on her own
- She started solids
- She got 2 teeth (2!)