Tuesday, September 28

what do you sing when the going gets tough?

"Snuggle Puppy," of course.

So several months ago I found the song online that goes with one of Addy's books, "Snuggle Puppy." It's a teensy bit catchy, so I first got it stuck in my head, and then Doug's, and eventually Addy's. In fact, it got to the point that when Addy got upset, we could sing "Snuggle Puppy" and she would immediately calm down. We tried other songs, but Addy was only feeling it for "Snuggle Puppy."

This weekend we went up to NJ for our niece's baptism, and somewhere in Maryland her car seat became her worst enemy. She was freaking out. That meant that from Baltimore to Delaware we had to turn to "Snuggle Puppy" again... and again... and again.... I started to lose my voice from singing that dang song so many times.

So next kid? We're going to wise up and get him or her stuck on something by Cold Play or Death Cab or SOMEONE other than the Snuggle Puppy.

Wednesday, September 22


Addy has a smile, and then she has a SMILE.

And we love how cheesy it gets.

Monday, September 20

how addy feels about eating fruit

She'll eat vegetables and cereal without hesitation, but not fruit. She doesn't seem to have a sweet tooth, and we're starting to wonder if she's even our child.

Wednesday, September 15

painful facts

Fact: Doug does a really good impression of the Joker from the latest Batman movie.

Fact: It's good. Like really, really good.

Fact: I thought the Joker from the latest Batman movie was terrifying.

Fact: I've begged Doug to not do said impression around me, because how I can I sleep at night next to the Joker? It's impossible.

Fact: My sister Jenn knows all of the above. And yet she still bought Doug this:

Fact: I find this on my pillow from time to time. And I hate it.

Monday, September 13

a saturday afternoon

I know Doug loves me when he lets me plan our Saturday afternoon:
- Visit Jamestown
- Shop at the outlets
- Miss watching the BYU game live (Doug had to watch it later Tivo style)

John Smith, governor of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas

Pocahontas, who probably regrets to this day befriending those English chaps

John Rolfe giving us the tour himself (nice pants!)

Doug having Addy poke his eyes out for him

He's a good sport.

Wednesday, September 8

indian grandma

Some neighbors a few doors down recently had a baby, so her mom came from India to help out for several months. This woman hangs outside with their toddler a lot, and she really likes to talk to us. But, alas, she doesn't speak English. Like, not a lick. Our first encounter consisted of her talking to us in her language, Doug and I looking at each other with raised eyebrows and apologizing that we don't understand, and then her continuing in her language as if we were totally following the conversation. We've even had her sit down right next to our porch while we've worked on projects, just watching us work. It's a teensy bit awkward.

So when we came home the other day and saw our neighbors' car covered in clothes, we felt confused. But then we saw Indian Grandma come out and rearrange them, and suddenly we understood--she was just drying her clothes on their Camry. No biggie.

Oh, Indian Grandma... we'll miss you when you go home.

Sunday, September 5

still growing

The girl just can't stop.

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

Friday, September 3

humble pie

The other night I was complaining that Doug conveniently says he doesn't hear Addy when she gets up in the night. So this morning I woke up and thought, "Yes! Addy slept through the night!"

And then Doug informed me that not only did she get up at 1:00 am, but he was the only one that heard her so he got her back to sleep.

Consider this a public apology, my friend.

Thursday, September 2

90210 day

It's September 2, 2010 (9-02-10), a great day to thank Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, and the gang for all the good times. It's also a good time to ask the network why on earth they did a remake.