Friday, December 10

ho, ho, ho

"And who is THIS guy?"

"What do you expect me to do?"

"Oh, you're clapping? So that means... I'm happy? Done and done!"

At least she didn't cry her eyes out.


McKell&Janeene said...

She is adorable!

Emily said...

That's awesome! I fully expect at least three of my kids to scream their heads off when they see Santa next week... Lots of fun!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Sweet! Nothing like sitting on the lap of some creepy guy in a red suit and fake beard! Why do we do this to our children? Every day of the year we tell our kids to avoid talking to strangers, then Christmas rolls around and we make them sit on a strangers lap. What the?

sidenote: Reagan is wearing the same shirt fact...that might be Reagan's shirt from a few years ago. We now are wearing Molly's! Love having all these girls together!

The Fox Family said...

haha! hey I LOVE your new family pictures!! soo cute!

Kayela said...

Wow, no crying?! Impressive.