Saturday, December 25

what santa gained from his prison time

The other night one of our nephews got out of bed to ask his mom "a very important question" in front of all of us. He said a girl on his bus told him that the reason Santa has a long beard is because he was in jail. Is that true? It's safe to say it was hard not to laugh.

Santa may be a felon, but he was sure generous to us today. Hope he was good to each of you too.

Merry Christmas!


Lindy said...

Santa was in the slammer? I am so naive.

CYD said...

you missed the conversation the next day. he tells me all cocky-like, "i told that kid what the heck could santa have done to go to prison? he's perfect!" all tough on the bus and nervous w/ his momma. i love it. and this is also where phil gets annoyed w/ the santa thing b/c he's afraid ty is confusing santa w/ Jesus. woops!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Haaaaa! Classic story!