Wednesday, January 19

the days are just packed

Addy keeps us on our toes. Here's why:

Her budding social calendar. So many friends, so many reasons to do the ultimate cheese smile.
Jamming with Kara (Our friend Alicia made that hat. Awesome, no?)

Loving the Lucy


She discovered Sesame Street and she learned how to stand so she's 2 inches from the screen

She dances with her dad, and then she dares to let go and stand on her own. She'll be walking in no time. Yikes.


Furniss Family said...

She is looking so much older!! I seriously love her little cheesy smiles, they are the best! I just want to pinch those darling little cheeks! Alicia did a great job on that hat, so cute!! Looks like she is into everything too! I can't believe she is almost 1!! wow!

Morgan said...

oh my gosh jackie, she is SUCH a doll!! i love her smile.

Lindy said...

I love those hats like a brother! She is so lovely, Jack. I would must appreciate squeezing so hard she considers crying, but then decides not to at the last minute.

KaSs MiLeS said...

those hats are freakin awesome. seriously SOO cute. Your daughter is certainly a ham when it comes to the camera it seems. Just wait until all your pictures are one giant blur, because she's running too fast!

CYD said...

really cute girl and all-but how come your friend never makes me a hat to buy? what kind of friend IS she?!?!?

Monica McCoy said...

OH MY HECK! Could it be any cuter?! I love her face.