Thursday, February 17

pretty please

Addy's gathering quite a few words and signs ("hi," "more," "what's that?", etc.).

Our favorite speech/sign combo by far is "please."

When she does this teensy little sign and teams it up with a sweet, "Peeeeese," we'll pretty much do anything. Today it's giving her our food and picking her up; 15 years from now it will be giving her our car and all our money. Whatever she wants.


melissa said...

Aren't baby signs so cute??!! She's so adorable! Why do you live so far away? Rush signs please by rubbing his belly with both hands. I totally melt when I see chubby baby hands signing. Miss you!

Alicia said...

Haha, it won't be so cute in 15 years when she does want that car! Way to go for all those words!

Michal Thompson said...

your in trouble! We love signing with our kids. With Dylan I forgot to tell my brother the sign when I left him to babysit for us. My brother was very confused and Dylan was very frustrated!

Emily said...

We LOVE the baby signs!! Our current favorite is watching the twins sign cracker, while saying "cook-ie" and then of course, the girls yelling at them that they did the wrong one. :)

CYD said...

tell me what's sweeter then a little high squeaky girl voice. delicious!
ha! my word verification: NERDSON
I think it's my new term of endearment for my boys.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Addycakes you are just too stinken cute! Tell your mom "please" for a marshmallow! I bet she will give it to you!! (if not I will)