Saturday, April 2

perhaps you've heard of his school now?

Most non-Virginians we talk to have never heard of Doug's school, Virginia Commonwealth University.

So when VCU made it into the final four, we were psyched (a) for Richmond... they were SO proud of their underdog team, and (b) for people to actually learn the school existed!

I was downtown tonight when they lost, but it was hilarious to still hear people cheering in the streets. I guess people were just happy to have VCU make it that far.

Viva la Rams!


Liz Smith said...

i had no idea doug was at VCU. aww...i was soooo rooting for them last night! they had an amazing run and there is something awesome about a coach named shaka smart. :)

Lindy said...

I said to Ryan, "Dougie goes to that school," and he said to me, "Lin, I think he goes to University of Virginia," and then I said, "No, he doesn't."

If you ever need someone to ransom you from kidnappers by telling them what dental school Dougie went to, I'd call me, not Ryan.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...