Tuesday, April 12

spring festivus

Spring has sprung around here.

On Saturday we went to a local Spring Festival. The theme of the day for Addy was "hold a wrapped lollipop and don't smile for pictures." She pretty much stuck to the theme the whole time.

She actually had a great time with her first egg hunt, first petting zoo, first mascot, and first clown + balloon animal experience.

(I was significantly more competitive than Addy in the hunt. Only one parent was allowed in at a time, so Doug yelled commands from the sidelines. Addy pretty much sucked on her wrapped lollipop and ignored the eggs.)

The festival was at the Richmond International Raceway, happy (right, Addy?) home to our NASCAR races around here. 

The best part of the grounds was seeing the events held in some buildings there: a magic trade show and the Intergalactic Bead Show (yep, intergalactic).

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. The trees were blooming and my allergies were booming, but it was deliciously warm. Yay for Spring.


Suzanne said...

You let a CLOWN hold your BABY? I'm struck speechless, Dunlop.

the meyersons said...

I like that you are pointing at her clear intergalactic fear of the car.

My new fear is not simply clowns anymore...it's now clowns with trachs.

Katie said...

I agree, that clown was edging on the scary side. Can't wait for the day when Scott and I can participate in Easter egg hunts for toddlers!

AnnaYoung said...

I almost cannot handle how cute addy is. If we lived near each other you would be in danger of a straight punch to the face resulting from my inability to handle said cuteness.

Joyce said...

Yeah, I don't want to EVER again hear how scarey my clown collection is. I never handed you off to a real live "clown"

Stacey said...

If she was happy with the sucker, who were you collecting the eggs for anyway??????