Tuesday, May 17


We had a long Easter weekend with two of my sisters and their fams up in NJ. We dyed, we hunted, we played, and we ate all weekend. It was divine.

Addy is finally reaching an age where she can play with the cousins (instead of just staring at them like a stalker), and I absolutely love it.

We had a blast!


Kadi said...

Cutest girl! Looks like so much fun! I love the last picture with the doll in the backpack...what a smart girl to not let her doll suffocate by leaving it open...so funny. I want to eat her up!!!

the meyersons said...

Smooches to the Addster, also is she dating Chase? They look like they are on a date. Just sayin.

Stacey said...

She is soooo stickin' cute!! I love those chubby legs. Her hair is longer than Molly's . . . . we are happy for her. Sigh . . . . . I'm so glad you all got together. Family is awesome!