Thursday, June 9

auntie linda

My Aunt Linda is from Richmond originally, so she paid us a visit while she was in town seeing her family.

It was great to see her! She and my Uncle Lee just got home from a mission in the Canary Islands. Sounds dreamy, but it was a tough place to work. They're champs and I'm certain they did a fabulous job.


CYD said...

how cool! i haven't seen lee and linda forever!

Stacey said...

They live just a couple hours away and I have yet to make it down. Mom did on a visit. We need to get together. I'm glad you could visit.

Christopher and Leslie Parker Lheron said...

YAY Linda holding babies! She couldnt on her mission and now she probably picks up every single one she can get her hands on! I need her to stay with me for a few weeks. :) Gotta love her!! She's the BEST!