Tuesday, June 21

el templo

Last Saturday we went up to D.C. to hit up the temple. We caravanned with the Furniss fam so we could watch each other's kids.

The kids were so patient, and endured many long hours playing in the visitor's center. True champs!

We ate lunch/dinner together, and then debated whether or not we should just go home (it'd been a looong day). But we'd driven all the way up there, we decided to go into the district and at least see one thing we hadn't seen before.

And what little thing did we see? Oh, just the Constitution of the United States. Yeah, the real document. Plus the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe you've heard of them? I can't believe we'd never done that. We loved going through the National Archives... the building itself is impressive.
We then walked behind the building to see the Navy memorial. Doug's dad and grandpa were Navy men, so we liked checking it out.
Addy was fascinated by all the fountains, and kept trying to dive in. I guess it's the Navy in her blood?

I also want to mention that we got the world's (THE WORLD'S) best parking spot. No time limit, no paying, right next to where we wanted to go, and we found it immediately. I hated to leave it.

D.C., I'm loving you more and more (even your parking).


Alicia said...

I'm thinking that parking spot was a blessing for your earlier activities that day. ;)

Lindy said...

My question is, did you steal the Declaration of Independence? Was there a treasure map on the back?

Furniss Family said...

I'm so glad we did that, it was so fun to hang out with you guys and go to dinner at the fancy restaurant of Wendy's :) Addy was so easy to watch too, I'll watch her anytime :)

Alyson said...

I miss DC and the beautiful temple. We just went to our new one on Saturday and guess what? It was the same size as the stake center next to it! So small. Still gorgeous, but I miss the DC one!

Stacey said...

LOVE. THAT. TEMPLE!! Can't wait to go back someday. Lucky girl!!

Brittany said...

Ah, I miss that place! That's awesome you got such a great parking spot. Actually, even more awesome that you finally went to the Archives! :)

Liz Smith said...

i LOOOOOVE D.C.!!! the national archives is amazing. i can't wait to plan a trip back there someday. jared has never been! doesn't that just seem unamerican? :P

the D.C. temple is SO beautiful. I have only seen it in pictures, but would love to see it up close and do a session. Apparently it used to be the home temple out here back in the day, before they built the one in chicago. crazy!

Suzanne said...

Your skirt is adorable. Your baby, too. But mostly the skirt.