Tuesday, June 28


When my allergies peaked during the Spring a few months ago, I started dealing with almost permanent congestion. I'd clear up every once in a while, but mostly I was dealing with no smell. At first, it had its perks: I could face dirty diapers without flinching and cleaning out the scary leftovers in the fridge wasn't as tortuous.

But then, I started losing my taste.

Not my fashion taste (but have I ever had that?), but my taste for food. It started slow, but now, a few months down the road, it's faded significantly. I can only taste things if they're super salty or super sweet. I often eat food without tasting any of it, and I usually just eat stuff because I know I normally like it. Talk about sucking the fun out of eating!

And then I started realizing how rough it is to not smell things. For example, I was cooking one evening and all of the sudden the smoke alarm was going off. Turns out something was burning in the oven and I had no idea. Then I started wondering what would happen if I was home alone with Addy and I couldn't smell a fire. Yikes!

So while I've always appreciated my ability to see, hear, and touch, I hope these past few months will teach me to never forget the awesomeness of smell and taste, the underdogs of the 5 senses.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to try and appreciate my 6th sense too, just in case I eventually develop it (although I do NOT know why I'd like seeing dead people).


Michal Thompson said...

the good thing about all of this- it would be really easy for you to go on a diet!

Karisa and John said...

Oh no! I heard that before-- that 90% of taste is actually smell. (Although who knows where I got that stat-- it seems kind of high.) Anyway, do you know if your sense of taste will ever come back? Or is this permanent? Man, Virginia sure doesn't work well with your body. I'm so sorry.

melissa said...

No!! Losing your sense of taste sounds pretty lame. Here's to hoping you'll get all your senses back. xoxo

Liz Smith said...

whaaaaaat?! now that's just sad! :( food is just too good to not be able to taste it. i hope it comes back soon!!!! :(

CYD said...

that really sucks. the next time we're together i'll make really sour lemon curd w/ super salty shortbread. do the docs think it will ever return? is it when you leave your mold-infested apt?

Suzanne said...

Jackie! Check all your smoke alarm batteries NOW and then email me that you did so I can sleep tonight. Thanks so much.