Tuesday, July 5

the 4th

We made our Independence Day celebrations last all weekend. Allow me to summarize:

- We went to THE smallest small-town parade of my life. We kept wondering if we were in the right place.

We were eventually joined by a few more people, but then the whole parade lasted a whopping 17 minutes. No music, no bands, too little candy, and a lot of funny stuff.

- We had a heck of a pool day on Saturday.

Addy and Kara... friends or foe? They don't seem sure.

- On Monday the botanical gardens had free admission. Such a lovely place.

... and it even had a stick sculpture. (?)

The botanical gardens had a splash pad that Addy disliked. Well, despised. A lot.

- We then BBQed with some folks, enduring the heat and humidity. We celebrated our country AND the fact that we got ribbons to stay in her pigtails.

The food was delicious and patriotic... we made the faux trifle on the right.

- Our fireworks plans got rained out, so we improvised and made a blanket fort and played games. We're hoping to see some explosions tonight instead.

So overall... a good weekend. Thanks, America!


Alicia said...

Dude...Addy and Kara are totally friends. Kara's just going through a grumpy/mean streak that she better kick soon.

KaSs MiLeS said...

We got rained on too. Boo.

Dallings said...

Nice trifle. I loved the parade story. I bet the person who planned that was silently pannicking. At least you were all being adventurous.