Wednesday, July 6

the birthday boy! 2011 edition

Happy birthday to Doug!
Today is the big day, but we celebrated last night because he'll hopefully be going to a Cubs-Nationals game tonight (assuming it's not rained out... ugh).

After his birthday dinner and dessert, we pulled a few strings and arranged a fireworks show at Byrd Park (the rain the night before may have helped with the planning).
We love your guts, babe! Thanks for being born.


Matthew said...

Happy Birthday Doug!

Kadi said...

Happy Birthday to one of the best brothers ever!! You are so awesome Doug. I'm so happy that you are my make me smile. I hope you have the best day! I love you!

CYD said...

Happy B-day Douglesworth!!!

Liz Smith said...

happy b-day, doug! enjoy the game! and don't laugh too hard at my poor cubs when they most likely get slaughtered. :P

Lindy said...

Happy birfday Dougie! Hope it was a good one!