Friday, August 26

i dress myself

Addy has taken a keen interest in clothing lately. She suddenly has an opinion about which shoes she wears, she tries to dress/undress herself, and she thinks she's pretty hilarious when she plays dress up. Seriously, she'll look at herself in the mirror and laugh and laugh.

Ewok? Or just a goat bath towel
Rocking my v-neck shirt
PJs + superman cape + hoodie... what's not to love?

My t-shirt + tutu

The half diaper... semi-productive
Such a funny kid.


KaSs MiLeS said...

story still can't take her own clothes off (thank goodness). that last picture took me off guard, made me laugh. my niece though was taking her clothes and diaper off at a year. they ended up using duct tape on all her diapers.

Alicia said...

I LOVE the last picture! It's so funny, Kara is very particular not necessarily about her clothes, but about her BOWS. Oh my, she throws a fit if I don't let her pick her own gosh darn bow. Silly girls...

Michal Thompson said...

Ashlyn gained an interest in clothing early on too, but I really dislike the path she has walked with clothing. Hopefully Addie's will be different.

Lindy said...

She's a real real fancy lady. The exact kind of fancy lady that I love.

Stacey said...

That is one cute behind!! Duct tape works, I know!!