Wednesday, September 14

45 years

Today is my parents' 45th anniversary.

Cute couple, right?

With all the stress in our family right now, it's nice to have a milestone like this. Makes you realize that when your marriage is old enough to have a mid-life crisis yet you happily keep at it, you must have something good.

Happy anniversary!

(Within the next few months Doug's parents will celebrate their 35th anniversary, and we'll celebrate our 5th. Even steven.)


Liz Smith said...

So cute!!! congrats Dunlops! :)

melissa said...

What a cute couple!!! Your mother is gorgeous, just like all you girls. And your dad's not half-bad himself. :)

Stacey said...

What a duo! I'm so grateful for their constant diligence with their marriage and family. They have given so much for us girls!!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Pretty sweet looking parentals we have!