Monday, September 19

babies babysitting babies

Addy is funny. She loves airplanes and cars, yet she still loves her baby dolls and all things domestic. She's always taken good care of her babies, but lately she's really stepped it up.

I found her changing a diaper the other day (she got all the supplies out herself),
and she insisted on feeding her baby while we had lunch... when I suggested the bib, she about wet herself (maybe she did? I may never know).
So basically I feel like by the time Perry is born, Addy will be ready to watch him/her while Doug and I go out. We just have to make sure she learns to not throw babies across the room before then.


Lindy said...

You are so fortunate to have this built in babysitter! And since she's only one you probably don't have to pay her much. Like a quarter or something?

Alicia said...

Naw, you could even pay her with fruit snacks! (How funny though that little girls come with those instincts built in!)

Michal Thompson said...

Well you have it pretty much made then!

AnnaYoung said...

I think lots of parents still need to learn the "dont throw the baby across the room' thing. She's easily worht 50 cents. : )