Wednesday, September 21

reason #5,442 why we love having nieces & nephews

Our nephew Mason is one of the funniest, happiest kids you'll ever meet.

Apparently yesterday he wasn't feeling well, so during the night he came in to his parents and told them he had to throw up. His dad rushed him to the bathroom, and just as he's leaning over the toilet, Mason turns to Joel, grins really big, and says, "I'm going to throw up in the toilet!" And then he did.

Oh, Mase. You even know how to make throwing up funny.


Lindy said...

He's so considerate! I bet no one even had to yell, "Not on the floor!" to him. You could learn a lot from him, Jack.

The Fox Family said...

wow that kid is soooo adorable!

Joyce said...

Thank you Lindy. Thank you very much.

Chelsey said...

What a cute kid. And I just LOVE his name!