Monday, October 3

good samaritan

I can hardly tell you how grateful I am for the good samaritan that helped push Doug's dead car during rush hour from a busy left turn lane to a nearby parking lot. He then tried to jump it, and when it wouldn't work he helped push Doug's car down the hill to an auto parts store, sprinting after him when the car picked up momentum and left the dude behind.

I came onto the scene in the middle of it all. I thanked the guy and he said, "I've been wanting to start jogging again. Maybe this was the Lord's way of telling me to go for a run." I offered to pay the dude for his trouble, but he just shrugged and said, "That was me with a dead battery last week... just be there to help the next person."

So, bearded, running do-gooder with the surfer voice, thanks for being so kind today. You made me want to be a better person.


heather said...

That is so great! I had a good samaritan story yesterday, when at a little postage store to mail a package I realized (after hauling both kids with me) that they only took cash and I had none. The sweet gentleman after me offered to pay the three dollars, and sent me on my way with tears in my eyes I was so grateful! There are so many good people in this world!

Katie said...

That was very pay it forward of him! Good story

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh my! Pay it forward I guess! How nice though right? You must be living right!