Wednesday, October 5

monticello with m & d

My parents came to town last week, so we dragged them all over Charlottesville. We loved showing off Monticello to them... I get my love for history from my parents, and I want them to love Virginia for that as much as I do. We were also happy to visit Monticello again because last time we went it was zero degrees and the dead of winter. Eesh.

Killer view, no? No wonder Jefferson built his house there.
Addy feeling too cool to smile in her own seat on the shuttle

It was a beautiful day and I loved all the nerdy learning, especially with my fellow nerdy parents!


Monica McCoy said...

I want a house just like that. You can call it the Monica-ello.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Cough Cough...nerd...cough cough!